Liu Jinge from the parts of the body to understand the importance of website structure optimization

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why I say he is the leader? Because we are at war time, there must be a lead of the people, if not the leader, then we will fight without direction, all we do is basically done. So, we in every key part of the site, all need to consider the use of appropriate keywords: title, content, link URL, pictures etc.. And these words as words, but people often search, must have a degree in our time to do keywords, search engines like others, he will have a tolerance. If we exceed his tolerance, so our website may have to be abandoned it, so not too much, the leader must be appropriate, and this order must be precise.

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ECG is a web site, add a site map to >

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as we have said, PayPal billion offer a simple and easy for your Shanghai dragon ten steps, as long as every step to practice hard and try our best to finish the work, Shanghai dragon will effort, we will also become the industry for the leaders, ranking will also enter the love of Shanghai home or love of Shanghai province three.

when I talk about this organ vascular time, you may already know his importance, then what is the site inside the vessel? I said: straight chain is within our site vessels. In our human body blood vessels leads to our various parts of the body, if it doesn’t come as a this place may be necrosis. As a website is the same, if not within the chain through the place basically are some dead links. So, we in the construction site of the time must pay attention to the internal links, as for how to build within the chain, in the next article I will give you a specific introduction.

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network marketing this big industry, but in the process of doing cannot do without Shanghai dragon, perhaps Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon in our impression is too deep, you have to pay attention to the Shanghai dragon let everyone pay special attention to the key words, but as we may need to do some of the words in different areas also is not the same, the work is not quite the same, let me give you a brief as Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon how to do site optimization:

our ancestors once said: the enemy, know yourself. So we do people in this industry before first do not rush to do Shanghai dragon, the first is the first thing to do to you for this keyword query results, another is you of this keyword competition pressure is big, the strength of your own website how much you need to spend more the time to complete this great project, these are we to know, so I called the friend.

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