Marketing to create millions of traffic to your site

many people think that marketing impossible for web site to create millions of traffic, if you use love as a marketing point may, at present there should be a successful family as a marketing point to the site to create millions of traffic cases. The following small share marketing to create millions of some of the basic ideas for the site traffic.

, a marketing to create millions of traffic is not a dream for

TV drama "the temptation to go home" is adapted from the classic drama "the temptation of his wife", by the Korean beauty Choo Ja Hyun, Hongkong star Rain Lee, Ling Xiaosu starred in the mainland but fashionable urban emotional drama, describes the transformation process of a virtuous woman is weak growth independent strong urban women. The play by the Hunan TV premiere. Viewing the super popular, dominated the national ratings champion. The highest ratings has broken more than 5 audience share is as high as 26.7%, defeated 6 years ago, Korean drama "Dae Jang Geum", became the Hunan satellite TV in addition to "Princess" outside the record of the highest ratings, has become a TV series of provincial satellite TV ratings second in recent 10 years.

let’s take a look at the "home" how it seems we first temptation ratings, its result how, then explain the family could create millions of Web site traffic, the collection rate as shown in the figure.

, such as > two

f this, we found that a woman in a family, what things are paid, but in the end because her mother-in-law tortured, because her husband’s rebellion. In forest products such as the sea, through their own efforts to change themselves, put themselves into a new era of female character, behind Lin pinru after all sorts of things, when Lin pinru found at this time Allie was diagnosed with cancer and product such as very distressed Allie, full of apologies, Allie confessed that he is a product such as, together with Allie and with the hen to encourage the fight, Allie realized his mistake in the product such as probation, and his son Sean entrusted to her care, product such as also drew down, promised to will be deemed to have been out of grace, Allie decided to give up life go to the seaside Dutch act, the hen flew out to rescue Allie, but Allie decided to die, in life and death, they found themselves are really love each other, very regret for the past. Product such as Wenyan wedding, love, joy and happiness. But the hen and Allie was washed away by the sea, in heaven forever.


many network marketing or Shanghai dragon friends are in the "family" "love" and "friendship" between the best network marketing hype topic are questioned, many of today’s network marketing experts generally believe that family marketing brings the value of love is far less than the effect brought by the more valuable, so many network marketing experts generally that love is more network marketing hype style, often ignore the value of marketing brings. Let’s talk about how to create millions of website marketing flow actually road commentary.

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