nterpretation of Shanghai dragon industry four chaos

chaos two: Shanghai dragon industry blundering vogue

from the Shanghai dragon 1 keyword stuffing time to Shanghai dragon 2 chain for the emperor’s times and today we say Shanghai Dragon 3 focus on the user experience of the era. China Shanghai Longfeng industry experienced a long 6, 7 years of slow development process. In western developed countries and mature industry compared to our Chinese Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng industry is only in its infancy. Although I contact Shanghai dragon in this industry is not a long time but has deep feelings to the development of this industry chaos.

we all know that the white hat Shanghai dragon takes a step steadily, to optimize a website or keywords of the long time. A lot of manpower and financial resources needed during this period, which determines the high cost of white Shanghai Longfeng, optimize a keyword >

Shanghai dragon industry impetuous wind is decided by the characteristics of the industry itself. Shanghai dragon knows the industry threshold is low, you don’t need a high school education, do not need you to understand a lot of network programming knowledge, as many training institutions to play out the slogan of "zero based learning Shanghai dragon". Many people learn a few days in Shanghai dragon feel without what good learn, think Shanghai dragon is nothing more than the content and the chain. I feel now is a Shanghai dragon master, and everywhere people brag about themselves really understand Shanghai dragon. Really want to understand the essence of Shanghai dragon must go to combat, when you learn the Shanghai dragon operate their own a website optimization keywords, you will know Shanghai dragon we do not want so simple. Our Shanghai dragon veteran Cardiff, ZAC and Wang Tong, they are after their many years of combat, after years of search engines before groping summed up a lot of skills in the areas of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Their success is not on the mouth, but the bullets out of practice.

in recent years, Shanghai dragon has been paid more and more attention, large and small Shanghai dragon service training company also appeared such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Some people haven’t learned Shanghai Longfeng months feel Shanghai Longfeng their level is very high, so a few people would set up a company began to engage in training or to other companies to provide services. The result is the quality of service is poor, their own strength is not strong how to give others to provide quality services? Acceptance of such service companies or training individuals also suffer, Voices of discontent. Another consequence of the innumerable Shanghai Longfeng service training company which is playing the "price war", a lot of small Shanghai dragon service company in order to reduce the price of the orders constantly, and the strength of the Shanghai dragon service training company is dismal performance. The entire industry into a vicious spiral… ..

chaos three: black hat Shanghai Longfeng disaster caused by flooding water

: one of the chaos in Shanghai Longfeng service level is uneven, harsh competitive environment.

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