Analysis how to improve the web page ranking list

love Shanghai search product manager, will see in the home position is an article titled what is the product manager of the article, this article is issued in 2011, ranking has been very good.

then I summed up the second little formula:


number + site high weight = single page ranking

here please open the row.

is committed to become the Shanghai dragon white hat I, of course, is to find the white hats for improving single page ranking techniques, then the head will appear, the chain, anchor text, title, content relevance, long tail keywords etc.. The anchor text is to pay attention to the station of the hyperlink anchor text in the article, the station and the correlation between keywords, single page links to the page you want to do the optimization, on the other hand, the increase of the chain, the chain of correlation is the title, content, and anchor text.

Keywords Public opinions are divergent.

2, in the perspective of the distribution, the right shows the density of keywords in the article, a lot of focus on one of the 3 points of the article.

containing title + first + weight + key words to describe the amount of credit ranking =

3, the first paragraph of product manager keyword five, one hundred word description station 5.

is the 100 word description, search out within four words, plus the keyword Title Five, if it is not to let you awful chrysanthemum tight, then please open this article, you search for Ctrl+F product manager, let your eyes appear a light, please look at the picture:


1, look at the upper right corner, the article keywords content 73, shaking a small raccoon, hundreds of words "product manager" keyword content are so high.

DevStore as a loyal fans I often search devstore, often see this article, ranking good, a high degree of concern. Show description devstore three.

, I want to write down some of the experience, experience as reference, share to the site of the Shanghai dragon ER and personal webmaster. Of course, as Shanghai Longfeng layman, the more I want to communicate how to improve the ranking problem for a single page, web end products, "as the flow entrance and export brand has a very good effect, for small and medium-sized site on a single page ranking problem summary, welcome here.

After a few days of my

as an external document, you want what effect, if it is simply the amount of drainage, the court said it could stack keywords, some white hat began to spray me, said an article of the keyword density is best controlled within 3%-5% and beyond is not good, the original website content is really need this, but this a few days I found a few keywords, ranking good article, I found a formula as follows:

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