Shanghai also has a strange love dozing

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what happened in March 10th, I have a love of Shanghai auction account, to more than 5000 yuan per month, Shanghai’s support for love enough awesome. I love Shanghai in the background look, see the redeem four words, I think, have been used to love Shanghai auction platform more than a year, there should be a lot of points. So I see into the integral system, really have more than 2000 points, then I can look for the exchange of gifts, fancy a microwave oven, the company may be used. So I hurried to exchange, then there is love I will inform the Shanghai customer service delivery as soon as possible.

but I waited for two or three days, have not received the goods. When I was depressed, am I wrong delivery address? I look into the back, I found no record of this integral exchange. But the integral is deducted. God, how such a thing happened. I hastened to contact customer service, customer service reply I said this microwave oven is not available, it will be some time to delivery, I said that was ok. So, wait a month, the goods are not issued. No way, then call the love Shanghai customer service, they told me that the microwave oven is not available, please choose another brand, then I will tell them, as long as the microwave oven on the line, and quickly delivery. That is good, but has yet to receive the goods. How can you love Shanghai? Is a big company, customer management problems of

is a point of views and suggestions I love Shanghai to exchange system integration, Shanghai hope that love can make an improvement as soon as possible. There are good places to write, please forgive me.

Write a " in front of

; grassroots Webmaster: Grassroots Webmaster: 360 I have sinned against you? Hope 360 can make improvements, today to write this article is not against love Shanghai, love Shanghai as we all know, in Chinese is cattle. Almost 80% of users every day will use love Shanghai, and not only used once, one day some dozens of times, some thousands of times. Even the international search engine giant Google cannot fully seize its market. Such a strong love of Shanghai, whether all aspects should be done very good, I think so. Who knows, when things happened to me when I found love Shanghai is dozing. Here is not to blame love Shanghai, love Shanghai just to give a little suggestion, hope to expand at the same time, do not ignore the details, the details will affect the overall image of you.


today, the goods is not received. Love Shanghai customer service told me again, to apply for a time, and then they ask the warehouse delivery over there. Good depressed ah, two months ah, redeem gift has not received the goods. Love the sea really sleepy. Through this thing, we learned a lot, put the customer first, strengthen internal management, so that each system can actually use. The integral system is not a slogan, we must truly play its role, otherwise everything is floating clouds.

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