Shanghai dragon Er only the wings become hard to go on

optimization personnel 2-3 months after the Shanghai dragon Er quit.

through a phenomenon:


quit? Why is 2-3 months? The reason is very simple, the website ranking optimization cycle is about 2 to 3 months, you do not give up the ranking optimization in the process, you quit is normal, but if you go through a formal white hat Shanghai dragon to bring up that. Sorry, you have to quit. The front said, now more and more people understand the Shanghai dragon, there are also many bosses even participated in the training, this is the problem, enterprise boss smart, he know a ranking cycle of Shanghai dragon, also know by white hat techniques is long-term stable characteristics, a short time will not be what problem, but your boss must know Shanghai Longfeng maintenance, accidents do not occur, the website should not have what problem, in order to save the cost to you to quit.

Many companies in the recruitment of Shanghai dragon

will be more extended form of

how to make wings hard

The phenomenon of

with the rise of the rapid development of Internet and e-commerce industry, more and more people begin to contact and understand the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to optimize the number of personnel gradually rise, Shanghai Longfeng optimization company, diagnosis industry, Shanghai dragon training and other services also include many enterprises now rash and too much in haste, the boss also deliberately change in understanding of the Internet, Shanghai dragon some will have some operation. This is the wood Shanghai dragon will say next, in the development of the Internet industry in the development of Shanghai, Phoenix, Shanghai dragon know more and more people, Shanghai dragon industry competition will be more and more, so only simple optimization of Shanghai dragon Er Road will be more difficult, but for too high, only the wings become hard to go on.



network ?The Below we look at

this now reflects the main problem? Not the boss smart, but you did not use value, you can do it all by the boss or other people, you have what use? This time you must have your own value, you do not have. Things have their own core technology, what is the core technology of enterprises? Is that many people do not even other optimization personnel will not, this is your advantage, this is the value you can not be replaced, only the wings harden Shanghai dragon Er to continue, enterprises have a space for one person you, so now Shanghai dragon, only a single simple Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not enough, we need more skills and other technologies in Shanghai dragon. Only in this way can we continue to walk the road, fly.

Shanghai dragon is only for a SEM marketing in the form of network marketing, although flow is very wide coverage >

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