Zhang Shengrong rely on the web search engine where the survival way

If you encounter a

if N does not know the site was K factors, like Zhang Shengrong network marketing blog, is not to change the domestic space and IP address, directly to the site to K, two weeks have not come. Google N years ago on the back, have to say Google technology than Shanghai strong love.

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out there?

if the search engine using

, the eldest brother Wang Tong wrote an article "love Shanghai untouchable" found some key words do not belong to the law, if it is illegal to shield can also over the past. Some people say that "Wang Tong’s" love Shanghai critical network "" excessive speculation suspects "swagger, think whether it is true or false, with the mind to imagine that.

For example, In this paper,

summed up the 5 points depend on the survival of search engine website, Zhang Shengrong really do not know how far is the way we webmaster. Tonight may write articles very thorny, Shanghai to see how to love no matter what they think?. Still stick to their point of view.

A few days ago in A5 to ?

do not know if you have not thought about this problem when the search engine can not rely on the "grassroots webmaster, where is the way out? Zhang Shengrong wondered if he left the independent blog search engine, and then the user can find Zhang Shengrong? A few days ago to see a report, there are 80% users are dependent on search the engine is also looking for something, webmaster. Do not use a search engine? I think, here is the analysis of how forced webmaster search engine;

if you encounter malicious competitors against

for your site in the search engine ranking is very good, but the product is also very explosive, so there will be jealous, try to put the first place down. The search engine can’t help you, if your site has met, will be a very big blow, you will rely on search engines to

technology monopoly is a very common thing, for example, talk about a few months ago, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love and Interactive Encyclopedia is an example of two pieces of the fight at outrance. The point is that love Shanghai say nearly open platform micro-blog application platform, also love Shanghai kicked into the Tencent micro-blog, micro-blog, Sohu, NetEase micro-blog went to Sina, micro-blog did not put the poor. Another point, as long as it is placed in front of all love Shanghai products, imagine the webmaster

search engine manual intervention

technology monopoly

said, "love Shanghai artificial intervention", if you still do not know what is love Shanghai manual intervention search will know. Some master encountered artificial intervention is no resistance, you did not get his way. Their meaning is very simple, they buy keyword promotion. Station fire, really want to do a ticket with him.

if the normal keyword to shield

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