Webmaster experience on current Wangzhuan authenticity

I search in Baidu keyword found a lot of Wangzhuan forum, website, general understanding of it, and found about Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Forum Network advertising! The conclusion is: 10 Wangzhuan station 10 are all hanging advertising, resulting in slow browsing, advertising authenticity has not done the investigation, most beginner deceived. Wangzhuan experience and my personal views here I go on to the next


Wangzhuan experience:

I was in contact with the network in 2000, when it was just playing the game, and then gradually like to do a web page. In 2005 when I made my first page, then I found the light "is not enough, I cannot bring revenue to the fundamental, I slowly learned to contact the advertising alliance advertising to make money, but advertising revenue to 100 yuan will not always has not paid the money later I met a friend who taught me to promote web pages and web technology to make money. I have gradually entered the Wangzhuan career! (there are many of my friends asked me now, a month can earn much money? I can only answer, in more than 4 digits, how much it can not be released.)

personal view:

network can really make money? My answer is yes! But why do some people for a few months or years earning nothing why income? I only said that they are in the blind do nothing, always concern Wangzhuan forum like! Why? Because real money the other project is not going to tell you, on the network to sell a lot of projects that are deceptive, a part of the outdated, don’t make much money, the number of users of the project sold to you! Wangzhuan many projects, such as investigation, advertising, hanging hook, pop, pull off the assembly line and so on. I have also added a team to pull off the assembly line, many do Wangzhuan should know. In the year of the Internet is also being cheated to join me, tell me a GG advertisement cheating program (TMD also do video do not really), I joined the results what are not, I will extend 2 referrals, earn 190 yuan to pay when I joined I didn’t do it. Now, where is the empty account number. Online revealed the true Wangzhuan people less and less, I will start from today on my personal blog friends recommend you Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project (but I do not guarantee you can earn how much, how much do Wangzhuan) or rely on a certain mind and technology.

finally remind make Wangzhuan friends, please Wangzhuan as a hobby in the absence of a fixed income rich

!The first

address of Hu Yibo — talk about Wangzhuan blog: www.huyibo.com (please keep)

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