Talk about how to avoid excessive optimization of novice webmaster site

at the beginning of the development of many new Adsense website is full of interest, to each big BBS, blog is the chain website every day, and after a few days I feel very tired, so many webmaster and gave up the hair of the chain method, then the unsteadiness of the increase method the website of the chain on the site’s advantage? The author thinks that the website chain is like a person to eat, to eat slowly, do not want to go to eat a big fat, this approach is not feasible, keep the chain growth stability is an important factor of favorable website, hope that the station will remember this point.

novice webmaster into the Internet industry will be confused, and then set up their own websites in the confusion, the last is on the Internet to search a lot to improve the ranking method, the method of public Internet in essence is not wrong, but because people are not familiar with formal optimization techniques, do not understand the basic algorithm of search engine. Often a lot of site due to manipulation errors led to excessive site optimization, causing the site to drop right, the author analyzes the novice webmaster how to avoid excessive optimization behavior in the process of development in railway station.

keyword appears as much as possible is many novice Adsense targets, in order to increase the frequency of keywords, many novice webmaster to find ways to increase the keywords in the site, regardless of the site title, column page, content pages are full of webmaster keywords. This is the wrong number of keywords appear more better thinking, as the keyword of the website, the website keywords, we occupy the ratio of the entire site at about four percent is the best, but we can open many new sites to establish a look, many sites are more than the number of keywords throughout the site ten percent. For a long time will not only increase the site’s search engine friendly, but also on the website of the friendly degree of decline.

three, website external links unstable growth

, a veto keywords appear more better

four, website content updated daily unstable


two, Links rejected text and Title

in the regular life is the dream of many people, and in the process of creating a site for the stable development of the website is search engine hope, many webmaster in update >

in the process of many new Adsense exchange chain that is through the Links promotion website to improve, so they tend to bring their own title in the hyperlink text each other Links in many fiction website, their website is named after the name of the small said, and in the process of exchange Links in exchange in the name of the novel, this behavior is wrong, because the more Links do you exchange, the search engine will think you are deliberately in the process of optimization, the exchange Links must pay attention to the diversity of text and links, and pay more attention to the exchange within the page many words, which is more conducive to optimization.

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