Shanghai Longfeng enterprises optimize attention outside the chain correlation

choose their own methodsThere are many methods of

how to make the chain become more relevant, and in turn make the chain construction strategy right, today to talk about their own experiences.

Although the


of the construction of the chain, forum, blog, soft, Links, linkbait, comments etc.. If you often do with the chain forum, then the relevant forum to collect you in this industry, mark included rate and weight of the forum and so on. For example, some time ago to take over the hospital website of Shanghai Longfeng, collected 20 related industry forums, and from foreign chain cleaning is also not particularly stringent, so to ensure persistent links. Some high weight forum, such as Xunyiwenyao website and so on, the chain usually leave soon. The information you need to collect the corresponding. Many of my friends are accustomed to the construction of the chain blog and soft, according to their own good, to classify, there can be the source of the chain is very relevant.

3. to develop a plan

a lot of friends did not plan at the time of the construction of the chain, is probably the degree of competition under the keyword is relatively high, must adhere to the hair of the chain every day. As for how much, how to evaluate their performance.

method above is effective, but cost too much experience, if you only take over a hospital of Shanghai Longfeng website, need not so serious operation. The easiest way is to buy a list of others, outside the chain of resources, now some industries have been sorting out of relevant information. Secondly, by viewing the competitor’s website, is a very simple method. The source of the rival chain, you can find the operation, record.

just said their finishing a number of forum resources do hospital in Shanghai Longfeng, how these chain resources search. A very simple method is the direct love Shanghai, another one to query basic information. Then a very important, is to adhere to the test, release the chain a few days, the number of sources and statistics of the chain. Record information, and make a choice.

2. look for the chain resources, Institute of resources integration

enterprise website Shanghai dragon, actually also does not have what particularity, but do see a lot of enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng friends in the chain, regardless of industry factors, still according to some previous methods, the use of existing resources to do outside the chain, it is difficult to quickly improve the site weight and ranking. Friends always complain about why the chain of the several, or is the webmaster forum, or is to check the website, or ask and some of the garbage sites. Indeed, the chain of the site is very good. But consider the chain has two aspects, one is the extensive degree, the second is the chain of correlation. Let the search engines fast classification website categories, we need to turn the chain do more relevant. We can study the enterprise website competitors ranking good site outside the chain, they have the high weight of the chain.

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