The contact site optimization for more than a year to understand website jump out rate

two, how to reduce the rate of jump out of the site

1 is the site of the open speed, the normal site open speed is less than 10 seconds, if open speed is too long, the customer will exit directly off the page. So we choose the server space, to choose a good server space, not to choose the cheapest often not open space, security, often hacked space.

2 is the site of the page layout, not too messy, customers can in a very short time in your website to find the information he wanted products. It is simple and clear, not for good-looking website design. There are "color can not be too much, generally not more than 5 kinds of good.

6 is the website >

3 site navigation, try to use text links, do not use image links, FLASH links.

website bounce rate this website optimization concept believe that many webmaster all know, with the most popular word, an Internet users through search engines or other channels to enter the site to stay. If a user enters your website opened only one or two pages, click on our website is no longer any page, the exit site, so it shows a high bounce rate for the website, website ranking optimization will also affect the great. On the contrary, if one person on your site for a long time, browse many pages, indicating the site jump out rate is very low, the optimization of the website ranking will have some help. I want to say is, website bounce rate is how to produce, and how to reduce the rate of jump out of this website:

from last year to now, the contact site optimization this industry has been more than a year. As far as I know, now we are when the site optimization, often is the pursuit of the site keywords ranking position, often ignore the important factors, but also directly affects the ability of marketing factors on the site: the bounce rate is the site of the


first, website bounce rate is how to produce? Generally feel that their problem is mainly personal website, the user first on the website of the feeling can directly generate the website jump out rate. Is the so-called user reflect, why users reflect will affect the site ranking, in fact, is not difficult to see from here. It is also possible to enter the URL into the error, error caused by the website, the customer is not looking for you this website, possible spelling errors.

4, website description text, do the site within the chain, add the key links in the text on the page, so you can let users in the process of reading Click to other pages. This can refer to love Shanghai Encyclopedia products.

5, a list of recommended articles, the establishment of an article on the bottom or sides add plate, when users read the article, you can read other articles in this sector, so as to reduce the site’s jump out rate.


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