Site navigation optimization problems

if the navigation is a picture of you must add the alt attribute, to the search engine grab

typically, a web site navigation includes the main navigation, the left navigation, also part of the "current position" is also the site navigation.

tell what is the current user accessing columns;

in the bottom of the website with keywords optimization, and the corresponding to the main navigation page

Optimization of


told me that it is the user’s current location.



site navigation



add the appropriate keywords in the content, and add different links to this site


navigation aspects



tells the main content and the function of the user of the website;

What is the purpose of


tools / materials

site optimization need to pay attention to what the problem, today we mainly talk about how to optimize the site navigation, and what is the purpose of optimization.


site navigation is a manifestation of a good user experience, brand website construction can not be ignored in the details. A successful website is composed by details.

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