The fierce competition in the network, how can Taobao off the new A new force suddenly rises.

fierce competition in the network, how can Taobao off the new A new force suddenly rises.

when many people learned that Taobao customer is to make money, but do not know to enter this industry before the one hundred day is the most difficult, which we experience a "choice" "selected" Keywords "domain name" "space" "program" a "site" and "adjust the site" "update" and "promotion" and so on, many people found in these sorts of experiences after all, this is a lonely and arduous process, but this is not the most important, many new Taobao customers at the outset to choose the wrong direction is a fatal disadvantage, for the selection of new people with the following the Taobao customer orientation.

direction 1: learn to focus on one area.

many people started to choose a ready to promote the products, began to carry out the selection of station program, in contrast to the free charge, sell, resell the program, finally most may choose to do a set of templates, and begin the program of website.

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as we light off procedures like Taobao, domain name and space bought after four months, the site has not completed, results in a chat with us, only to find that he has been learning the station for four months, in the absence of tutor’s case, the East West look at the video, look carefully, four a month after the site is still not open, the light off Taobao program after ten minutes, Taobao station built successfully. So here to give people a new proposal, site procedures professionals do, need do is to build up the station quickly, instead of the program, please be sure to remember a word: you can’t do, can do the people to do.

direction two: to learn from childhood.

new people in the station, by the thought of being a high commission of the industry, Taobao search found a union background, in addition to lose weight and breast enhancement, the volume is high, high interest, high commission, care who he his, so without thinking immediately began to promote, but to want to be after a period of time but the reality is slowly blow, because such a profiteering industry, there are many Taobao customers hand in operation, a new foray into, not only can not harvest what the Commission, more likely to be in is not proportional to the long-term income and pay the situation slowly lost information, lost power, or may be due to the rate of return is too low and give up the Taobao customer.

please remember, do the first passenger station Taobao, must start small, from simple start, start from the low commissions, because simple, small industry is relatively easy, so we can quickly get the Commission returns, a batch of small commissions, though not much, but slowly to increase our confidence, increase our power, and we can make a little less the cost of living, this is the fundamental guarantee that we can continue to do the station.

direction three: with like-minded Taobao customers more exchanges.

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