The security problem of robots.txt in the fall, how to make the 2 days of recovery


the "operation of the local industry station do not ignore the website robots.txt security issues" was focused on the robots.txt website because of security issues in the fall, resulting in no flow, included as of today, your website has not recovered, all the key words all have been restored, traffic has returned to normal, normal decoration bidding information. I came from the three aspects that I was going to work today, mainly on these issues are the root of the.

website screenshot can easily see the site keywords basically has been restored, included is not fully restored, you might ask why just 2 days back this piece, so why do I will recover, I listen to the west to the west the following reasons.

: the first site is the old station, more than 3 years of site, strong stability, has been ranked in front, the content is updated regularly, no violation records in the eyes of the search engines, so search engines generally not wrong, so it is necessary to restore.

third: the mentality of the problem, as the operating personnel, the most important state of mind, whether it is out of position, flow out, are very angry things, but we have to keep a sober mind to identify the pathogens to do the rescue, the same site, if the site is not immediately K began to find the reasons, but the recovery is becoming a website difficult.


(pictured site query)

The author

from the Dazhou home network www.991youxi贵族宝贝 webmaster personally written around, please indicate, A5

second: quickly find the reasons for the cause of the site is illegal, it really fits an antidote against the disease, search engine friendly laws, so regardless of illegal websites, as long as do modifications, can make its recovery.

is described

(this is the ranking after the resumption of

)From the above 2



this is my website robots.txt security issues in the fall in its 2 day recovery ranking experience, such as man, want to let the others stand engage in what kind of person, always will not succeed, do your site is king.

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