Today Google updates the PR value CN website is to reduce the weight of domain name

my station strictly speaking is on-line by the end of 06, then use another name, and later to the end of 08 registered the domain name, and has been in use for 08 years, when the ICP filing system is not perfect, I believe that there are a large number of owners is the use of false information to do the record, there are many quick record to spend 10 yuan, but in the 09 years after October, with the website for the further improvement of the system for inaccurate information sites are faced with the cancellation of the record, and according to my understanding in the access business hosting server, the IDC system will also record scene photos from Beijing Shandong, Xinjiang, spread to the whole country, the specific time is not yet known, but this trend is difficult to avoid, and hope that we can be ready early, because from filing publicity to the removal of the general will Have a month, in this month, if it is not ready to access business information (the so-called shell site), then you can immediately find your access provider applications for new access providers, or time, if you are the main website information is not accurate, then the situation is very difficult. This, like a time bomb will be detonated at any time, and the website name does not match, contact error and so on, are the reasons for revocation of the registration number.

today is a normal Monday, since June 9th because of access to the information in the error is the Ministry revoked for the record, I have been busy for re filing, after all is the old station for more than 3 years old, there are a large number of users in the use of my free Links service, you can love Shanghai sky exchange chain " ", believe that many small and medium-sized website owners should be aware of, just add new features and techniques discussed problems, use the inadvertently update search ranking function update website data, the results to the PR value decreased from 5 to 4, and then I find several PR5 station was searched, found several have dropped to 4, and the CN suffix for the domain name of the majority, thus we can conclude that, the PR value update in January 2011, chose the China party 90th Anniversary On the eve of the day once again updated, we can immediately check their website PR what did not change.

              I am because bought a new server hosting the new access providers, inadvertently forget transfer into the business, so the revocation of the current record is June 17th by filing an application for new electronic access business filing system submitted 20 working days, the equivalent of about 1 months to reply, in this period, my site must be closed, if you >

I rarely write, mainly is the lack of time, because of the recent record has been revoked but have some time, so take this opportunity today to talk about the website for the thing for everyone, also with their own lesson reminder for you.

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