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of course, any company needs a board of directors. At the very beginning, the board may have only one founder, but it won’t last long.

Twitter has submitted a listing document, and the final IPO is expected to be held by the end of this year or early next year. Twitter founded six years, during which there is no lack of tossing. Tiger sniffing last year on the company’s "tossing history" combed. An interesting phenomenon is that this is a property when it listed, the three founders have left, entirely by investors and managers to control the company, usually start-up companies such as the probability of failure is very high, but Twitter is successfully became a public company.

tiger sniffing last year translated this article to the effect, and now read it again:

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

if a company was in the early days, I was an advocate of the board of directors of three people. I usually suggest that the founder should be with two other directors whom he trusts and respects. When investors come in, the situation will change somewhat. If the founder still retains control, then the situation will not change much, and the founder can still nominate and select directors. Of course, in some cases, investors will negotiate with the founder on board seats. This situation, in angel investors there are relatively small, and in venture capital that much more.

Union Square Capital Fred Wilson is a partner of surgeon Twitter investor, had served as a director of Twitter. He last year in an article in secondary school, take Twitter as an example, talking about how the start-up company will be formed at different stages of the board of directors. Perhaps, it is always a fairly appropriate board, to ensure near misses have left Twitter, in the CEO founders change change.

, and most of the same pure ISV, "how to sell software" was once Beijing tornado company’s most headaches. Because sales can be a weakness for such companies. Now, however, tornadoes have made some sense of how to sell software products. There are even other ISV coming to learn.

since its core value is the technology and product advantages, so weak sales Never mind can not go directly to do, end user. Based on this idea, the tornado focus back from the terminal user is transferred, in close cooperation with channel partners, the formation of industry division of labor service and value system, establish and improve the system of channels.

in such a division of labor cooperation business model, tornadoes can rely on partners to complete large channels, strong industry background advantages and mature ability to provide solutions, and partners can rely on easy integration of professional tornado retrieval technology.

ISV partners soft, Neusoft, etc.;

OEM vendors founder, Thunis, etc..To reduce the difficulty of integrating

has advanced technology products whether it can attract a partner? Tornado company experience is, return field

adding an investor director does not mean that the founder will lose control, it can still maintain the board of directors of three people, two founding directors, an investor director. Alternatively, the board can be extended to five people, with investors holding one or more

‘s current CEO Dick · Costello Dick Costolo initially put $25 thousand into Twitter, the initial investment is now worth more than $10 million. He was a typical CEO by angel investors. Several other "loyal" VC will also pay off. According to the "New York Times" of financial document analysis and insider interviews, venture capitalists Chris · Chris Sacca, Saka; and at least two other joint venture capital company Union Square Capital investment Plaza and Spark Capital, each holding value will exceed $1 billion.

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