How to make love to the sand Shanghai has just launched a new station included fast

PS: in the sand here to suggest that you write the soft fine hair, but remember to bring a link to your site information, otherwise it is equal to the white writing. After writing the text, then put the soft text into the webmaster website, convenient other websites, as long as the website reproduced more, then you outside of the chain is also more

want to love on Shanghai website, Links is a good choice, but according to the general situation, generally not what stationmaster friend is hard to change to Links, so in order to speed up the collection and release speed website love Shanghai, we may wish to spend a little money to buy some PR0, but fell in love with the sea weight is good the same link, this link price is not high, but also can increase the good.

resource owners can let the old station with a new station, no resource owners can spend a little money to buy a Shanghai love weight Links

love Shanghai included new slow, fast like sand to now stationmaster net, took only an hour to love Shanghai included the home page, there are like some Adsense website, on-line time more than a month, or even love Shanghai are not included in my home, according to the situation the sand to site, summarizes some personal experience, here today to share with you how I love Shanghai included in the new

do attract love spiders in Shanghai visiting for tradition, to love Shanghai. More and more center to submit a site is poor, because you don’t know the love of spiders in Shanghai after submission website will come at what time, don’t know love Shanghai spider to will not be included, if you stand I think there is no need this step can be omitted, and continue to implement the second step and the third step, after all, there are many ways to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai, don’t have to go to Shanghai. The center of love submission page

!The first step of !

wanted to make love in Shanghai included in your site, then you should let love Shanghai know your website online, only such love will only be sent to Shanghai spiders come to see, so we need to advertise the web site after online, our website news spread out, even if you love Shanghai has now included the website, you can also put the website sharing out, good for the future of Shanghai Dragon Foundation


trouble reproduced retain (贵族宝贝 > giant

Shanghai dragon!

second: put the website sharing out, can attract the love of spiders in Shanghai, can also lay the foundation for future

!Source: !The third step: ! !

: the site address submitted to love Shanghai "website landing page, tell you love Shanghai website

in addition to sand in this prompt new webmaster, don’t buy too much Links, just buy 35 almost, if you buy too much will make you feel the love of spiders in Shanghai in Shanghai to cheat, love on your site to do some punishment is not good

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