Personal webmaster will disappear in the long history of the network

webmaster, I believe many years ago, the name has been sought after by many people. Now the Internet hype has become quarrel, the Internet bigwigs are participants in the homely food, the war has become the major network media headlines, various media have broadcast the reprint, the result of speculation is a win-win situation. But in front of the Internet hot news, grassroots webmaster are only spectators, lively stage, can not find the grassroots webmaster figure. A series of accidents and policy reasons, the network enclosure movement has been the major Internet bigwigs, let hundreds of thousands of personal websites disappeared, the ideal is good, but the reality is cruel, income is the hard truth, no ideal income are empty. Under severe pressure to make a lot of money has not yet earned the grassroots webmaster to go online from the line, leaving the grassroots webmaster industry, into the industrial army.

plus Internet training is becoming more and more common, the network is increasingly becoming a part of people’s life, just a novice can use some open source program to build a powerful web site, even a lot of famous enterprises, the team also with open source website, such as long net station A5, is built by the famous discuz. The beginning of the open source program, created a large number of young millionaires, but now, rely on personal website to make a lot of money has been very few.

early personal site to flow as a profit, understand this also wrote a traffic is the king of the book, it can be said that at that time, almost a master hand. Now a variety of means of personal websites to make money, personal blog, personal forums, Taobao, etc.. Marketing is full of tricks, such as Forum promotion, blog promotion, micro-blog promotion, classification information promotion, e-mail, QQ, SEO, mass information and news promotion, SEM, all the webmaster is already known, Wurenbuxiao, he more or less used inside some promotion way. However, according to authoritative statistics, China’s average revenue of 500 yuan in the following, you and I may be among them, then, it is likely to be eliminated by the internet.

can survive and sustainable and stable development of personal website exactly is what person? The next few years? Can I venture to predict that the rich webmaster, must have an area of expertise, especially familiar with a field, the field to understand the user needs in this field and provide valuable and help the information of the individual owners, or cooperation in various fields find personal webmaster. For example, in A5, is known as the webmaster needs to establish a complete network marketing training system, to help owners to solve all kinds of knowledge, such as website promotion, website SEO cooperation and other needs, is a good model.

in the future, into the threshold of the requirements and costs are getting lower and lower, but also more and more competition. No matter how many years later, to survive and develop, must be able to create valuable information to the Internet after the personal webmaster.

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