The change of the webmaster and lost 2012 love Shanghai

2012 is destined to be an extraordinary year, not stop a year. This year, love Shanghai to replace the website ranking algorithm. Webmasters may pay for years to lose overnight. I can say that even the webmaster don’t count, an entry is more than half of Shanghai Longfeng, nothing doing optimization to earn extra money. In the first half of this year since I saw the love of Shanghai some changes are encountered when doing optimization.

1, love Shanghai reduce the signature of the chain effect of the Forum: not effect, but the feeling of weight is not so high before, often before the May 200-300 BBS signature of the chain, you can make some words to love Shanghai home. By May it seems not that, you have to do the chain is more possible for 400-800 to be effective.


1, part of the lack of original content website: website drop right see everything is normal, the same snapshot update, included. Is the ranking runs to 100 outside.

since 2012 I see love change in Shanghai:

this is a dark month, in this month, do not know how many sites have been K. I also have the privilege of love for Shanghai took me half a month just on the line to K station. This is the K station to just on-line ticket and no original content website mostly, since then, Shanghai began to love the more stringent requirements.

The 2 part, The

part of the site began to love Shanghai, this time by the K website. Most of the ASP website, the ASP website is mostly to code in the more distant, or function call mode. The website structure confusion, outdated website template.


The following is



keyword ranking difficult: for example, I do bone metastasis of lung cancer, very good to do a word. Before may spend a week to get up. In May I spent 1 months to get up after a few days off.

According to

in the first half of this year.

2, August 31st 6.22 in the event of a new part of recovery. In the 6.22 incident part is innocent damage sites are restored.

brother first half to the Shanghai dragon, summed up the love of Shanghai in the first half of this year to practice, I do not know whether it is comprehensive, may also have a lot of younger brother did not encounter problems, but in the first half of this year although love Shanghai change so many algorithms, but still give us Shanghai dragon brings a benefit, is the snapshot complaints. When doing keyword competition pressure small for our Shanghai dragon, save a lot of unnecessary trouble. And snapshot complaints is very fast; the same day can make a web site title change over, after a week will have a rank. (may also have this function before, but I still don’t know)

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