Summarize some of the exchange chain and manufacturing chain method

1, soft writing. The soft can be said to be the best way to make the chain. And there are A5 such a large platform, let us in the examination, it is natural to have a lot of. But write soft are quite difficult, sometimes spent "

1, the love of Shanghai such a search engine, to search and our promotion site correlated with a good ranking site, then enter the other side of the site, the site has general people contact. After contact to find the site, with your sincerity to communicate some of the advantages of your site to tell the owners, such as the site of a snapshot is 24 hours, the site is how much love Shanghai weight, what is the site included speed etc.. I have a site to exchange links, the other has to say the PR value of the site, then I told him that my site is the second, and truly made in an article that really is the second. He also gave me a link exchange. This is after all his skills, the site of the PR value reached 4, and I was 2. So this can exchange the weights of the site link is still very worthwhile.

exchange chain is the need to manually go to operation, and the manufacturing chain is to let others for our active manufacturing. Can be said to have a lot to learn skills.

3, add some website directory. When it comes to the website directory, the directory of website may be difficult to go in, but one, that is A5’s personal Tuiyou network, submitted 7, 8 sites in which have been approved. So we need to find a web directory, but also to find Tuiyou network like this. The advantages of this web site directory is, as long as your site is not bad, generally can get through. Also, the weight of the site directory is also very high, sometimes, even if the site directory not what weight, but also inadvertently bring IP.

manufacturing chain The

2, through the chain of exchange sites to find the correlation with our site site. You can go to a search engine search link exchange platform, to find such a platform, other platforms are a general search site search function, we can do the content is the same with us site, then to what sites are analyzed one by one, and then, to add up to QQ. This exchange generally are relatively easy, after all others in exchange for links to the information. You can also leave with the QQ such as instant communication tools, can save us to find a way to contact others site, after all, some people are leaving things such as QQ to your site.

chain as a site optimization, or one of the most important ways of website promotion. Has been in numerous studies and summarizes a Shanghai dragon er. This paper is combined with some personal experience, we summarize some foreign exchange chain and manufacturing chain method.

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