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content: users can stay at the site, mainly to see the content, so in the lottery website program content of the site construction, I will own the original or false original some wonderful content. This allows the user to attract users to increase the time to stay in my website.

know optimization search optimization mainly includes three aspects: Engine content, keywords and links. Website optimization experience that the webmaster is very rich. In the lottery website program site optimization for so many years in Xiaofeng software company, some of the many details still can’t control well.


, 3 links: good web links play a role of bridge

but with the details of things we often ignore, the article is original, but the content and the website does not match. I would like to do the lottery related websites, mainly in the lottery website program such content, if the content of some medical beauty, suddenly and is independent of the lottery on the site, even if your article is original, can not achieve the optimization effect.


webmaster to stand in the user’s point of view to consider the issue, what is the purpose of the website construction? What information from your website, only their own articles to the user’s satisfaction, can keep users from some things you can talk about your own opinion, the content of these articles is if combined with the nature of the site in the quality and quantity should also pay attention to the combination of background.

Keywords: can depository

webmaster know the role of keywords in the article in the great, but many people ignore this problem and treat any fool, careless words, such a practice is not wise. If I do this program 贵族宝贝yikuyun贵族宝贝/ lottery website keywords, then my keyword optimization from the title to the content should be taken into account. A good website optimization, keyword keyword optimization is essential so essential, also to do his ranking above it can be seen from the love of Shanghai’s important keywords, his ranking is achieved by keywords ranking.

2, the

you have to pay attention to detail, the details determine success or failure. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the same, do not pay attention to the details of his will appear a lot of unnecessary trouble, the efficiency of optimization, directly lead you to the success of the site.

in today’s era, web communication is a kind of trend, is essential. In the above website owners can be reflected inside the relevant recommendation. How search engines crawl information which are to be known, he could not capture all the data. This shortcoming was the website links between solution. It also can get many benefits, so that we can study progress, why not do

so, this topic is website optimization webmaster friends need to keep learning, improve, according to their website content.

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