The website chain distribution to save resources promote ZhengZhan weight

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is now a lot of people in the chain into a great misunderstanding, the misunderstanding is the home link, all the links are pointing to your web page. The previous home high weight can improve the site overall weight, the fact is not the case, home just a page ZhengZhan only, only in the process of spiders crawl is an extremely disadvantageous. If you can not spread to at least the link surface page of words has two benefits, first let each real value chain. Secondly, can also increase the spider crawling ability. There are a lot of "because there is no entrance not very good in the search engines to crawl, then the chain is a good method to solve this problem.

The era of

effect of the weight, the chain is one of the best ways to enhance the weight of a site, not all the links to the home page. This way is the first natural search engine, repeatedly tell us to do natural links, is to create high-quality content, allowing users to reprint, so that the chain will become uncontrollable, you do not know what the user will give you reprint link, if you all point to the home page, first of all there are obvious traces of optimization. The second part is a waste of resources we believe. Because some keywords ranking up just how many links, but we do not know how many links to specific needs, you can do well, if so many links have not, then step by step.

content for the chain for emperor king after a few years, although the search engine has been in progress, the influence factors of the chain decreases, but the present situation of the chain website ranking still plays a decisive role. Especially in the early site of ranking is to play a decisive role, of course, the importance of the chain has not told me again, I believe we all know, today I want to tell you is how to make good use of the chain, how the minimum resource value of most adults, such as a key words need only ten the chain will be able to enter the top three, but you have to do it one hundred outside the chain, the extra 90 is wasted, how to put the waste of resources and revitalize the value maximization is all we need to do.

The other is

if you simply point to the front page of the site, because some "deeper level, the search engine has not reach the page, in the article" don’t talk nonsense website of Shanghai Longfeng flow is not open around the factors of only three "introduced collection is one of the important influence on the flow. If you can chain for the website of uniform distribution, there will be some improvement on influencing factors included, of course website very much. Of course, this is a basic factor, a web page to be found in the search engine must have entrance.

page of the website is independent existence, even it can be said that a lot of people will say Sitelinks, external links, for the website in a page is the chain of the page. Regardless of the inside and outside the station, we can see that we want to improve the overall weight of the site is.

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