The website after replacing the P pulled the hair or down the right reason analysis

we all know, the website will cause the search engine to replace the IP drop right and included the decline is like, but this is what caused by

29 night, suddenly remembered the old VPS data has not been removed, to see the site even after there are a large number of access in the security domain are dog? I explain to the new VPS a few days, how can I still visit? The first is others reflect the domain name to explain to my VPS, so in the search engine to search my site name. That is not, how was it?

1, DNS search engine update cycle is very long, I did not update the new domain of interpretation.

?The main reason for this phenomenon is caused by the

open web log, I was dumbfounded, access to records all search spiders. How, domain name are explained in the past several days, how there are so many

the next few days, every day I pay attention to the website keyword ranking and included the amount of change, the website rankings and included quantity is very normal, although the amount collected did not increase, but also did not drop. The evening of May 28, 2012 (Thursday night, my website is updated on Friday or Saturday morning), first faced love Shanghai day, that night for a few minutes after VPS, I site, more than five points until 29 in the morning, the website included not only did not fall, up a little bit, so I can rest assured the. A good sleep.

2, DNS is the search engine to crawl IP instead of domain name. But the IP is decided by the domain name, that is to say the IP update is based on the DNS, eventually attributed to DNS did not update.

DNS search engine update cycle. Last May, I changed a VPS that a VPS change too big blow to me, the website is fully down right. Included only 1/3. The site every day 1W IP down to more than 1 thousand. I was around for help but no good way. From now on, I fear to replace the server. The concept of replacement server website weight and included are affected deeply in my mind. In May 25, 2012, my site is VPS and the maturity of half a month, because the former is by proxy to buy, now for a long time, can not find the agent, there is no way to renew, only for a new VPS, all perfect over the new VPS completely normal access after the domain name to explain to the new VPS, then just there is no hurry out, stopped an old VPS Apache and delete the data and went out.


to open a new VPS Web log, found it no spider crawling records, love Shanghai one day only a few records, and all are just grab the home page, and are the same ip. The bulk of Ping tools and find some friends site, domain names are completely pointing to the new IP, so this is like only two kinds of interpretation.

spiders crawl?

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