The site was down the right love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is the key

1. key if it is a small range of normal floating floating phenomenon as we can, as the site of the primary key in the original Shanghai love home, a day later fell to the second page we can think of is the pure floating phenomenon; but the sags or swells the phenomenon should be paid attention to, if your keywords one night from the first page down to 100 or from 100 to the first page, is not a nice thing. Probably before you unknowingly caused the search engine misjudgment caused by cheating you. Site investigation problems as soon as possible.

second, from the website included abnormal judgment

Judge ?

general site domain the website is the first home page, very few results there are second phenomena,

2. other

and site both grammar or syntax of domain, this is our reference, do not really accurate digital website quality, this method is independent of its value judgment.

Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng Xiaobian to tell me how to diagnose whether the site is down right.

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er sometimes suddenly meet your website ranking drop, website ranking drop suddenly is not to say that the site is down right? This is definitely not the only shows possible, if not know is not the right down to the blind operation, it is likely to harm the site. So how do we know our website is not to be loved in Shanghai down the right

Before 3. or

site domain name, the website is not in the first

query keywords if there is a change, if not that the search engine may only for this one of the words of punishment, then we must recall recently you have the keyword targeted operation.

search web page title has included the title of the article, there is no result or can not find the page can also be judged as right down.

If you

1, see your website is not abnormal and reduce or disappear, if changes in the number of Web sites included in small areas can be understood, but included reducing the number of 20%-50% are abnormal, need to start the investigation to reduce the reasons.

third, according to the website keywords ranking judge

The first to look at the The following

crawler access times than previously reduced, perhaps before every day to one or two times.

a well written article, caused by the weight is even higher than the website will be in the front row. Such things are generally in the high weight website.

2, if only included the home page, or included only one in a very short period of time, this phenomenon proves that the basic right of the site is down, and with the early warning function, mainly on the page with the content of.

fourth, according to the web log

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