Two tell you how to improve trust website

for a web site, do the user experience is the best method, I advocate is the site editor, even if you do not specifically do outside the chain, will still be strong. >

search engine trust

A, the content of the law is actually very good grasp. Our main quantitative timing to do is update, there are a lot of people recommend 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. update, this may be relatively good, in fact, I think it does not matter, I generally 8-10 pm update site, so this time if someone is looking for me to ask questions a bit sorry. The contents of the law must pay attention to regular quality, a lot of people on this point neglected today, get some high quality original copy, tomorrow a few, a few background pseudo original articles, hope it can do content is very difficult, my suggestion is that we adhere to the quality to do every day the high point of the pseudo original.

1, focusing on the regularity of the

trust in the search engine, the most important point is that we do regularity, of course this rule also if the search engine within the allowable range, avoid sudden hair, and suddenly the lot. Law should be smooth and flat, let search engine can take this as you eat, it is best to eat slowly, to eat, if you overeat, or no time to eat, the stomach will become increasingly uncomfortable. So how do the regularity? I think mainly from two parts: the content and the chain to do.

B, of the chain is difficult to grasp. Can we do every day is to insist, I recommend a website every day 50-100 is appropriate, if you can do more every day that is better. The law also should pay attention to, such as text links to how many do we need to do every day, how much do anchor text links every day, it must be planned. There are many blog forum links do, do, certain rules should be clear.

2, focusing on the content and guide users trust

Website Trust, I think mainly includes search engine trust and trust of users in these two aspects, and we need to improve web site credibility requires a breakthrough in this two aspects. The search engine trust to multiple considerations, and the trust of users will only need to be induced to enter and then do the content on the website on the line. From the following specific how to do a really trusted website to talk about these two aspects.

In fact, The so-called

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Recently very vexed, mainly to do many things, too many things, feeling more, did not have much time to do something you love doing, write an article, this is my most upset. To tell the truth, now write really become one of the most used life of their own, and habits are one of the best ways, it may be a way of life the most cruel. Etc.anyway, today to share with you recently some views about the website trust, hope that we can love.

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