Google search for domestic users to launch the search tips

Google temporarily unable to access the situation in the process of using Google. I think a lot of people have encountered this problem. What is the reason? Google is not out of the domestic technology will not? I don’t think so. Recently Google Hongkong for domestic users to launch a relevant keyword review tool. At present is still in the testing phase. The function of the tool is when users use Google search relevant keywords, keywords in domestic sensitive words if it will prompt the user will not be able to use Google search. Specific as shown below.

Google search home or not I want to temporarily carefree experience. But I still hope that Google will try to return to the domestic market, so that the domestic market of search engine search engine will be more diversified, enhance the competition between search engines. I love this article 贵族宝贝52wz8贵族宝贝/ by the original, reproduced please keep the source.

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users because they do not understand the relevant policies, resulting in the search results open, Google introduced the function of domestic users. The user display warning information search. The warning information of the translation is: "we found that Google used in Chinese domestic search" River "will lead to interruption of you and Google search link, this one interrupt is beyond the control of Google".

we observed that many trigger error messages are some simple Chinese daily character, but because some of these words have different meanings in different context words. For example, we search the "Yangtze River" in a common word in Google, the page can not be opened, and the reason is that "although the Yangtze River" in the river is a river, but at home can also be understood as a surname. Also, we search for "week", the week is a representative of a name, we use Google search or search results cannot be opened, "week" may be said "Jay Chou", "Stephen Chow" and so on, but may also include a sensitive person at present.


according to the Google report, they often receive reflected within the user’s use of Google search will appear "the" not available "or" link reset "phenomenon, followed by a minute or longer to use Google search service. Google says the problem is not in Google itself, at the same time, Google also said that it has led to find the causes of the problem is that some sensitive words caused by.

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explained in Google’s official blog:

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