nterpretation of the two changed JS application

two: do do one thing under cover of another

: a cry up wine and sell vinegar



is like every thing that there are two sides, marijuana can use save patients in medical treatment, can make normal people into the abyss doomed eternally. Finally, I hope every webmaster can look to the future in the site hungry operation, get rid of all cheat users and search engine behavior, develop more benign development pattern. The system ht>

changed flavor is applied in order to hide our site in the text or links. We know that means Shanghai Longfeng irregular exchange chain or hang black chain is through the use of hidden links way. The search engine is still not very good recognition JS, these links can be very well hidden. But we in the Google Shanghai Longfeng guide by JS found hidden links this cheating will be punished Google, so I advise to use this means hidden links webmaster think twice. The specific application as shown in figure

cry up wine and sell vinegar is quite different, meaning: cunning deception. We can see some Adsense on the use of JS stem from this activity. As shown below.


This kind of

may directly see us not to understand the meaning, the author explain a little more, JS is a kind of fraud in this image, we can see that a page is divided into three parts, first of all we can see is the head with the JS call advertising pictures, this practice is very common, we usually use this method call. This area is oriented from the search engine in the user, let these users visually see our advertising. Then the middle part we can see is a blank area, why should the blank? The reason is that in order to give our visitors to create a false impression, that is has reached the bottom of the page. Visitors can see this area generally will not continue to turn to the following. Then come, we see the bottom is in fact the content hungry, content is provided specifically for search engine spam cluttered, this part can be used to deceive the search engine. We can see the JS application of this changed in many Taobao customers.

any web technology is in order to better serve the web designer or user. Some of this technology for the convenience of us, some people also began to use these techniques to deceive the search engine and web users. Such as we are familiar with the JS application, this technology makes our web elements more abundant, but some people have also started related features with this technology to do some change the taste of the application, make cheating cheating cheating users search engine. The author will briefly analyze two kinds of changed JS cheating application.

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