Experience sharing note the optimization of the railway station

as a new station I believe we all understand that the early new foundation is very weak, so the optimization is particularly important. New optimization should avoid some mistakes, avoid excessive optimization. The attention of the optimization of the railway station.

the optimization of the railway station of the chain:

love Shanghai is a search engine, what he is doing is to bring the right people to the right page. Love Shanghai needs fresh blood to add vitality, then the new station is the best supplement. Just love Shanghai machine can not identify the page quality, so the new station will give good ranking. After a period of time according to the conditions of this page if customers want page. Such as updating efforts, web page quality, comprehensive evaluation of user experience. Then give a comprehensive ranking. This is what we called "the new sites effect".

update the content of the original is best, of course, should not be too rigid, the original is good but also should pay attention to the quality of the article, if you write the article even as the primary composition as well as direct reprint articles. You can use the pseudo original, but to the pseudo thoroughly, from the title to the content to be modified. If it is too difficult to put together the recommended form update web content.


is now the chain.

? Note

why love love Shanghai station

love Shanghai for the new station are given special attention, early will have a good ranking. But after a period of time ranking will suddenly drop, so many owners are very confused. Why is it

Efforts to update the

page – Layout Optimization of the railway station:


railway station is very important, early to update frequently, also must have the order, don’t today updated 5 update 3 articles tomorrow to the day after tomorrow only one content. This is very bad for the search engine. The specified or updated daily 2-3 article. Don’t interrupt, check 1 to three months. In order to lay a good foundation. The anchor text up to 1 to 2, the correlation is not big article can not do anchor text.

in Shanghai dragon in the pages of a web site layout is very important, the navigation part of common tree structure selection, it is not only beautiful and is more favorable for optimization. Keywords for navigation of no value given nofollow blocked, such as web page, news center, the successful case etc..

site will less flash as little as possible, flash Shanghai is not love spider climb. So don’t pay attention to the appearance of a web site and ignore the Shanghai dragon optimization. Flash put more will not necessarily increase the user experience, flash display requires a lot of speed, on the Internet bad situation is very difficult to open the flash. So instead of just the opposite.


website optimization of the railway station – update:

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