Duplicate content can also enhance the website weight

duplicate content: duplicate content usually refers to the domain or between multiple domains, match with other content or similar content. This is Google’s explanation. Duplicate content was always search engine of men, many owners are aware of this point, in order to solve the problem and to update the website search engine is the most fresh original content, pseudo original technology have great development and use. As a result, the readability of a lot of false after the original is very poor, and some completely cannot read the.

2011 "ten things change the search engine Market:" a more strict duplicate content filtering out the search engine to repeat content attitude. But the duplicate content reproduced and copied to the really so bad? "Said really as duplicate content influence on site optimization and optimization strategy" in an article that influence weight and website ranking? In most cases, duplicate content does have an effect on the website, but the impact is not small, otherwise they will not there are so many networks such as web content optimization of how to avoid repeating the contents of this article.

everything is relative. Not every station reprint will be successful, otherwise it will not appear in so much to avoid the repetition of website content. The weight of the website, the website and reproduced the content correlation and other factors determine whether to make an article has been reprinted several times of the weight of the high for their own services, this needs the webmaster yourself. The heaven www.sffb.net original, welcome to reprint.

I mentioned that in most cases, duplicate content is related to the website. Is there a few cases? This is to say content popularity this word, the word I fabricated, the concept of similar link popularity (from "link popularity and link analysis" can clearly understand the concept of link popularity), and can be simply interpreted as: the number of high weight website reproduced a article is. If an article is many high weight articles reprinted, this explains what is the problem? This article is very popular, is a high quality articles. A high quality articles on all aspects of the site are of great help, to enhance the user experience of reading, reduce bounce rate, increase user stickiness. If the site reproduced this article and was collected, can increase the friendly search engine on the web. Duplicate content can also enhance the weight of a successful case, as I saw in A5, but can not find the original link, keyword optimization case about the author an obscure industry, because do not understand technology, can’t create the website updated only reproduced keywords products official website news, finally still a success. The most typical case is that there are so many high weight website, only reprint A5 article can live.

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