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website was hacked, many sites have encountered, usually generated by some illegal information, such as: Liuhe Choi, a class of pornography, these are profiteering industry. Others, such as B2B platform, or the forum "space page" released this type of information, there is no timely treatment. These information, if the batch is love Shanghai included, 100%. "

for the website included, there are too many problems, but the root more stationmaster often can not find the problem. Writing this article today, is for some summary website problems, hope to help more webmaster faq.

site has the weight, the contents of the first collection. Many sites have a good weight, but included a period of time, this article will disappear, why? This involves: first included, after a review of the principles, like a credit card, the first consumer is the same reason. But when the spider storage, there are a large number of similar priority new data page, you will be deleted.

three, the website was hacked or illegal information


on this issue, before there are many illegal sites in order to get ranked after the revision of article included. But now love Shanghai give principle is: when the revised articles, the spider will index to compare the quality of articles, and, if the new page quality standards, will fall in love with the deletion of haiku.


I believe that many webmaster have found a problem, fast website articles included, but also disappear quickly, after a few hours can not find. So, this is what causes? Usually are as follows:

two, included articles can modify the

1, this type of problem, the vast majority will be the new site or drop the right type of site, the old site often does not appear. For this problem, new sites are often normal, and down the right site, if it is never included, to begin such a collection, is also good.

, have been included in the article

in addition, because the site has the weight, love Shanghai priority included your information, but after examination found no value of such information, the page quality is low, also will continue to be deleted. If the site so if things go on like this website, the search engine will reduce the score, such as credit card default is the same reason.

said: some owners do not do change, otherwise it will fall right! Love Shanghai why right down, but he did not find the reason: the site is down right, and make changes included after the article, completely is the same reason. The spider again when the index revision page, there is a big problem, will naturally reduce the site’s overall score. In contrast, for A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis website, must be in accordance with the plan to make the corresponding revision, but because the optimization plan is correct, so even if the revision, ranking will improve.


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