Anchor text site content in the chain for what

(two) to guide the spider crawling, better grab and improve the amount collected.

believe that every Shanghai dragon Er people are often the focus on the competitor’s site, it is not difficult to find the site almost every content are interspersed into the anchor text link a lot, even with almost every Chinese vocabulary have anchor text links to the site, so many will feel very strange the secret, a piece of content with so many links, search engines can be included? Can give a good rankings? What are they doing to

(a) the guiding role, to enhance the user experience in order to better.

do stand in these years, found that many of the webmaster friends is that when I publish content in an article in an anchor text links, it can improve our site keywords ranking is good, when we often publish content, only the combination of keywords the website to write, keyword anchor text try to add to the site, if the article does not appear on our website keywords words, not to do within the chain, in fact, in many cases, more owners of these are often ignored in the anchor text of the chain, not just in order to improve our site rankings, for example we are connected to each other in the station, this can be very good to let the spider more to crawl into our website For capture, so we included naturally a little better, of course this is just one of the many benefits of the author and carefully to.

from many well-known sites (such as: Sina, Tencent, and etc.) we can see that every piece of content on their website they are editing hard to build, regardless of their original or reproduced or pseudo original or not, but at least from a lot of content in the past can see come out, they spent a lot of experience in it, because they are clever in users prone to doubt or places of interest, have made the link anchor text on this topic, to guide the user to read their articles of interest to better. As everyone knows, with the search engine algorithm upgrade, an important standard user experience today is the search engine to the site scores, then the most intuitive judgment of the user experience quality is undoubtedly a website PV, when the PV value is high when it is proved that this website by the user’s favorite, and for those of a contents of articles are always clean the site, did not make any explanation and link point sites in the important place, search engine spider crawling will undoubtedly that the content is copied from other websites, even the original content you can be so.

big update from the beginning of 2012, we can find the love of Shanghai standards included in the article and increase, so the website would be collected to the webmaster attention. Especially some new sites, included often are very good.


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