Love Shanghai algorithm how to quickly adapt to the changing station

decide on what path to follow?

recently, love Shanghai has been doing the "reform", every webmaster are concerned about this change. After the reform, the webmaster is beneficial or harmful? In fact, for this problem we basically just ignore, because no matter how Shanghai love change, as long as the head of the us with a heart in every station must be effective. Love Shanghai so successful, but also experienced ten years of hard work to. So, to do Shanghai dragon Er station, keep a good attitude.

in fact, only from the Shanghai Dragon technology, it is enough for you to write one day. But small and not all day to write these, so here only to Shanghai dragon soft and keywords ranking two aspects to talk about personal views, I hope there will be more Shanghai dragon Er to join the queue, together to promote and maintain Shanghai dragon industry market sustainable development.

today, news sources on many articles are basically Shanghai dragon ER in order to send the chain and release, or go to the A5 station on the Internet or reproduced, casually picking, or is the East meets West manufactured articles, completely without any original. In such a miserable article, actually will be the news source, it is worrying: the future of Shanghai dragon


said Shanghai dragon and mentality are closely related? On the surface, Shanghai dragon Er daily work is to rank, in order to flow, which can not be denied. But there is no doubt: attitude decides success or failure! If we only want to make their web site for search engine break "favor" and ignore the user experience and true feelings. So in small series, the webmaster and very tired, it is impossible to enjoy happiness within, do stop the fun. Because "blindly cater to others, their own freedom must be bound by. On the contrary, even if you are a rookie webmaster, do stand in when actually to the user experience as the basis, then you will be able to achieve the "flying day I can fly in this field" Shanghai dragon, after all, the search engine ranking ultimately depends on the user experience.

1, the content is king: This is the webmaster recognized criterion, site is not just so simple every day, high quality original content is the most critical. Try to write each article, determined not to copy". If you need to do is large, pre acquisition, then allowed, but later still according to the site, try to update some high quality original content. Even if writing is not "gorgeous", as long as it is original, than >

Why is

webmaster to each place to post, the administrator will be always as "spam"? From the news source in the Donews section, we can see a lot of water paste, which is Sereo to do Shanghai dragon and do. Because of this, in the news source of the soft release, we can see the new Shanghai Dragon technology exchange post basically has all gone.

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