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e-commerce in agricultural products, fresh electricity supplier has been too thick, is the most potential of a blue ocean, market analysis believes that China’s fresh electricity supplier market will grow rapidly in the next few years.

said Jingdong sell running chicken for poverty alleviation, but in fact, from the beginning of 2016, fresh from the Jingdong Jingdong consumer products division of independence, the establishment of a separate department, and by the Jingdong of the core Department of 3C division at the helm of the Wang Xiaosong administration.

the biggest problem for entrepreneurs is to start a business, how to see how good, how to see how beautiful. O2O when the fire, the car you come home repair, wash feet also come home, this thing is actually a pseudo demand, no one needs, so soon after the bubble burst, this thing is not reliable, no demand will vanish.

good Internet companies, why are family livestock? Raising livestock is not the major electricity suppliers are prompted by a sudden impulse, to seize the fresh market with homegrown means.

, in which Ma to 2 billion yuan investment in Yili husbandry, but also to 1 billion 400 million yuan of funds acquired Inner Mongolia excellent animal husbandry limited liability company Yili branch of a branch, began to do it alone. Liu Qiangdong is in the headlines on the drying out of the chicken run Jingdong and Jingdong have introduced the poverty alleviation project, running the chicken must be stocked, and each chicken feet have pedometer supervision, only to run more than one million steps will be enough to buy Jingdong to high price more than 100. As for the 8 swine raising Ding Lei, recently received 160 million yuan A round of financing pig.

I play angel investment from 1991 to now, see the death of countless entrepreneurs, lack of funds, the equity allocation is not suitable, do not adhere to the key, and so on, a large number of entrepreneurial companies the biggest problem is there is no demand for start-up companies began to do this thing. Investment is the same, a large number of investors the biggest problem is not find their real needs, in the end what is your needs?

thirty years ago, our many successful people are starving to death support dead bold, timid, timid did not succeed, as long as the thief is bold are successful, but I think the future will definitely change, bold, must be a dead end.


in October last year, the first batch of "running chicken" formed a slaughter, in Jingdong fresh line. Project started a year, the three batch of "running chicken" almost sold out, livestock and electronic business platform for, it is undoubtedly a good.

in November last year, Ding Lei raised 7 years of NetEase flavored black pork for sale outside, and sold a high price of about 110 thousand yuan. This makes a lot of business platform to see the benefits, so cattle chicken breeding specialist come in a throng.

, Ding Lei’s pig, Liu Qiangdong’s chicken have been geared to the market, so Ma’s cattle will be far away?

I said how do you compete? He said, the most simple, I want to buy a car are white-collar workers, Saturday, Sunday does not work, when you want to buy a car online, Sina, NetEase, Sohu will not open the door, the price they are stuck in the Friday afternoon and Saturday, is the price, we must work overtime every Sunday, hour new price, with just one thing, within six months of car home became an important portal, a few days ago, Ping an acquisition, about four or five, their profit of one billion a year to do, I think he is to find the real demand.

from the perspective of investment scale and culture conditions, know they are not playing games.

a year later, in Beijing, I met a high school graduate, Li Xiang, who made a car home. At that time, Sina and Sohu have their own car website, I say we do car home, how to compete with the three major portals? He said, I do this site is to give my own people read this, I am not a car expert, I do not know what is the horsepower, do not know the car a lot of data but, as an outsider and fans, I know exactly what is an outsider, car enthusiasts demand.

at the same time, O2O is not without the need, the demand is firmly exist >

pinpoint needs: just need, pain points, high frequency

I’ve done several successful cases. First, I was a junior high school graduate. I was named Cai Wensheng. I had to go to Fujian and Ma, a young man does not speak Mandarin, he made a 265, then we become good friends, my investment accounted for 25% of the shares. Why did Cai Wensheng succeed? Because he has done a very demand, he said the China people not on YAHOO, this thing I did is to meet the majority of Internet users can not meet the demand, it is also the bottleneck of the Internet, so the 265 have been very successful, in addition to hao123, it is second.

now Internet companies are popular cross-border. For example, electricity business Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong and Ding Lei, have joined the farming industry.

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