A hollow village mobile nternet business how do people play in the village of WeChat group, micro d

2 encourages clicking. For example, write "please click ad support" on this page".


answer: the most common and most likely to lead to an account closure, mainly the three:

4 violation of content several times. For example, in the case of copyright, children’s inappropriate and violation of the law on the web advertising, GG group will be given a warning for the first time, once again found K account.

account by K, also is the account was sealed, can no longer be landing shlf1314 Adsense background, can not enter the view revenue report etc.. At the same time, your mailbox will receive an email from the shlf1314 Adsense group, telling you that your account has been blocked. Since then, the ads on your website will show public service ads, and after more than a period of time, even public service ads can not be displayed.

2. causes the account to be blocked?

3 misleading clicks. For example, click ads to do other things, or click ads to get more benefits.

leisure Fu down two wood, wanted to join Jingdong appliances, but also want to do other projects, after a visit are no results. Until one day he was dragged into the village of WeChat, where he found a new world. Not only can "see" the holidays came back the neighbors, also talked about the more interesting topic, of course, more important is to grab a red envelope, which can be more than mere poker more interesting

sees individual netizen from time to time to say his account is sealed, below I talk about shlf1314 Adsense account safety problem.

4. occasionally advertising itself late, will it cause the account to be K

What are the most common reasons why

you for the country and the mobile Internet applications business and what is the concept? Still remain in the era of white paint? So you OUT.

3., can anyone frame up account blocked?

answer: if you are late occasionally, the shlf1314 Adsense content ads on the page, as long as the number of very small, such as a month overdue one or two times, this generally does not cause account security problems. shlf1314 ad>

1 hits by itself. For example, you’ve just logged into a GG on a computer and then clicked ad on the computer.

: it’s possible, but don’t worry too much about it. If others for a period of time, every day a large number of malicious click on a website advertising, there will be a large number of invalid clicks, this approach may lead to an account security problems. However, compared to the previous second, it is less likely, after all, Googl has a set of authentication methods.

at the same time, his publisher insisted every day to see the income report, the abnormal situation such as one day the number of clicks or click rate suddenly doubled several times, will report to the shlf1314 Adsense team in a timely manner, if malicious click continue, even need to temporarily stop displaying ads, or in the "allow" of the site delete malicious click advertisement domain not in the "allowed" list in the website, the display and clicks is not the calculation of income, will not affect the security account.

is still a month away from the new year, and Bi bought a new cell phone.

double wood, more than 30 years old, is one of the few male migrant workers in the village who has not been out of work. In addition to contracting dozens of acres of land in the village, but also with several friends opened a copper products chemical plant. Although not earn a bowl full, but it is also a small successful entrepreneurs. For most of 2015, he would arrive at the factory at 7 and return home at 19 in the evening. However, the regular schedule stops as the factory stops, and the partner has an accident,


group, every day will be held regularly "red dragon" activities, grab the size depends on luck. The original activities only 5, 6 people, with the increase in the number of members of the group, two wooden sensory mobile phones more and more slowly, often open a group of red packets, the system does not show, and finally opened, but prompted the red envelope has been robbed. He began to think that the problem is only speed, and even move the router to the bedside, but found that the problem remains. After consulting the professionals in the evening, the double horse drove to the county and bought a new mobile phone. And because of the need to grab red packets or add WeChat mobile phone has become

got when he got his cell phone was to install WeChat and start grabbing red packets. "It turned out to be too slow for a red envelope," he explained sheepishly.

but the Internet has given new opportunities to the villagers.

The first thing that

Abstract: the small village with only 240 people is a tourist characteristic village in Shandong province. 5 years ago, it was a village that became "isolated island" during the rainy and snowy weather. Today, because of the popularity of intelligent machines, the villagers have played a WeChat group, micro dealer and from the media, is also very high.



people change their cell phones to play with red packets,

, a small village with a population of only 240 people, won the tourism characteristic village of Shandong in December 2015. Because the village has a well-known and nearly a hundred years of technology, "drum system", the technology has been included in the Shandong provincial intangible cultural heritage list. Here, the new year still maintains the most traditional customs, and just 5 years ago, here is a rain and snow weather will become "isolated island" village, as if by the modern society has been forgotten.

1.shlf1314 Adsense account after K, what are the manifestations of "symptoms"?

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