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actually I understand his mentality, I also spent a lot of money to buy a lesson. Success depends on the system. Not all of your efforts. Sometimes, your hard work is what you should do, you try again, the market does not appreciate, not more, these things, there are a lot of bloody lessons. More than you and I are rich, they eat more bitter, and what?? still failed. Please think it over. What exactly do we need,

the friend says, said is this a few years to have a lot of money, spend all day in the forum, people learn to pull off the assembly line, write the questionnaire, hang flow. It cost a lot of money. Also wrote a lot of posts, spent half a year, and finally had to give up. So he gave up and stopped believing in others. Unexpectedly, she saw my blog two days ago, just to know his idea has a problem, has been in the mentality of the workers in doing, and then for others to play another job. He was happy, he said he would come a lot.


because of the winner’s fairy tale success stories, "App entrepreneurs" appear in large numbers. But the truth is, most App lost 76% of consumers in the first 3 months. This means that even if your app is on the top daily app list, revenue from advertising and value-added services will soon dry up over the last 3 months.

the first lesson they learned was that the excessive push for developers only allowed them to make persistent software problems. Todd DiPaola said: "CheckPoints used to add a few additional features to software when it was released, but because of development time >



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how to develop applications that attract loyal users and bring in enough revenue for the company’s operations. To find the answer, we came to inMarket, a Losangeles based company. The company has developed a shopping software called CheckPoint, which allows users to sign up for and receive discounts on more than 100 stores in the United states. Basically, it has made traditional paper coupons electronically, linking online and offline business.

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Todd DiPaola is president of inMarket, and his brother, Mark, serves as CEO of the company. The two brothers sold their created is located in El Segundo City, California marketing company in 2002, and received about $150 million at the end of 2010, and use the money to invest in the creation of CheckPoint company. Now, they are stepping up development of CheckPoint’s follow-up software, List Bliss. This time, there is a team of 20 people behind them, and they have been before "for a whole month beat" got enough lessons.

actually, my teacher Dr. Lin billionaire Singaporean as early as 2004, said to me: "Zhang Yang, success depends on the system, rather than a dream and passion, in this world there is a dream and passion, so what?? the idea of making money everywhere, but there are so many poor people, there are so many people left ideal. If you want to succeed, you must choose the right system, and do the right thing with the people. You Chinese people can copy very well. But not only by copying, but also innovation, beyond." At that time, did not understand, always feel young, enthusiastic and hard-working, will certainly be rich. In addition, our group of 30 people from Singapore to Shenzhen to go to the teacher Chen Anzhi’s "super NAC psychology", class three days, the mood is very exciting, think oneself is great, see people talk about success. What’s more, when the CEOs saw that I was the most active in the team, I wanted to grow

we see is how to develop it? We tracked down a small business of the entire development process, from design to find and solve the defects of products to marketing and record the precious experience. Each entrepreneur should have these knowledge before moving into the mobile industry.

introduction App entrepreneurs appear in large numbers. But in fact, most App lost 76% of consumers in the first 3 months. This means that even if your app is on the top daily app list, revenue from advertising and value-added services will soon dry up over the last 3 months.


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