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advertising market, with the Internet advertising market once again usher in the golden age, 2010 is the domestic online advertising alliance of more than thirty billion meet on the battleground of the year, the advertising market, so many entrepreneurs in the online advertising market enclosure. Many advertising unions have sprung up in 2010, and the number of ad alliances is on the rise again. However, a bright spot in the advertising market has only brought about an increase in the number of advertising alliances, and the quality of advertising alliances has not improved significantly. The whole industry is uneven, and the advertising alliance integrity problem has not been solved. Rely too much on



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rectification of the record information, told the webmaster through regular channels for the site for the record. At the same time also shows that the current rapid development of Internet, network business opportunities more and more prospects are very broad, but the government pay more attention on the management of the Internet more stringent conditions, entrepreneurial threshold will be higher, the entrepreneurial environment will be more severe. Past webmaster traditional mode of operation and profit model has been unable to adapt to the new form of entrepreneurial trend. More owners choose transition, abandon the past completely dependent on flow through advertising alliance profitable original format.

advertising alliance should pay attention to downstream services, better service to the webmaster

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recently, the Ministry of industry crackdown on false records and generation records, many owners of information for the record problems can not be approved by the website for the record was canceled. Network remediation at the end of 09, the record system upgrade, take pictures for the initial implementation of the record. Many webmaster in the face pictures for the record, the tedious process, inevitably there is imperfect information, false information and other issues in the record information, and the record industry in the "underground" active, although the webmaster can help simplify the filing process, but once the record information is out of the question, long is the tears. The large-scale site for the cancellation, indicating that the Ministry will be on record information strictly review, many webmasters exclaimed, second large-scale network remediation may begin.

note: at the appropriate time to launch a new golf culture, golf break only located in the high-end positioning of successful people, expand the target customer groups, such as white-collar workers, to senior private entrepreneurs and other groups penetration.

golf all relevant practitioners can communicate, interact, communicate and make friends through our platform.

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can be uploaded and screened by members and review the information platform, providing a variety of audio, video, pictures, text and other aspects of golf information, available for members to download, enjoy and learn.

business model

                  webmaster in electronic commerce, toward the place of industry website constantly transformation formats at the same time, although the dependence on advertising alliance is reduced, but the importance of advertising in the webmaster of profit model has been irreplaceable. And stationmaster is in transition upgrade, the requirement to advertisement alliance is higher and higher also. The transformation and upgrading of the site means that web traffic value will more be mining webmaster in highlights, improve competitiveness, improve services and products at the same time, also hope that the flow can attract more users, and more cash. This change will bring the webmaster is to change the advertising demand, hoping to get more high-quality advertising from the advertising alliance for advertising delivery, unit price, settlement speed, types of advertising, the integrity of the Union more than ever "harsh requirements".




In 2010,


offers golf blogs and columns for the golf industry, celebrities, coaches, experts, fans and others to introduce and promote themselves.


Adsense "harsh", advertising union requirements higher,

combined with XX golf has been owned by the largest customer groups Chinese terminal products millions of members, Chinese largest goods distribution channels agents, partners, distributors have nearly 1/3 golf shop owner, Chinese largest publicity platform domestic products ranked the forefront of the golf industry professional newspaper, comprehensive portal website for direct DM membership magazine three advantages of background. On this basis, fully tap the value of channels and all kinds of offline resources, and achieve online / offline interactive, and ultimately to capture the golf market goal.

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golf related enterprises and practitioners can release all kinds of information through our platform.


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