Mo Mo Tang Yan never care about the external look badWho should today’s online ads be aimed at

      from the above analysis, we can see that the real sense of the network economy can be driven by a new group of networks – 80 years later. Their funds are not their own, and may not be very abundant, but this generation of people thinking is quite different from their predecessors, so now many people will discuss the phenomenon of 80.

Do you think what would subvert WeChat problem

this is Tang Yan was most often asked? He thought, I know that I didn’t do so directly, said: "before you should be in the sh419 search." Only later, you could see his ambition, he said, starting with a very large plate, and rebuilding a social empire.

      * how to get their support

      in the network media most profitable must be the network advertisement this piece, but the network advertisement must make money, must have to catch Internet users’ eyeball. Now, 80 years later, it’s the best audience for fast growing web advertising. Online advertising can target them, and draw them over to become their biggest support group. To do this, professional web advertisers must patiently study their psychological characteristics and online behavior, so that they can make the most effective online advertising


mobile Internet and the demand of people have created unfamiliar streets. At the same time, outside controversy and weakness never disappeared on the company. Tang Yan was always clear, "I never regardless of the voice of the outside world".

      * network new group

      network groups have existed since the Internet was formed; the group is mainly young people. As time goes by, such a network group is gradually replaced by the post-80s generation. Those who have worms began on the age, the original family business network owners began to degenerate, although they are more network experience for the network also has a special feeling, but on the other hand they are no longer the network has the spending power of the population. Their spending is very cautious, and it’s pretty difficult to make money for them. For a lot of reasons, I don’t want to explain much.

this year is unfamiliar street founded fifth years, unfamiliar street live business began to shine, the first three quarters of total revenue of more than 300 million U. S. dollars. Take this opportunity, we are in a haze index explosion table in the evening, and Tang rock chat. In this conversation, as in the past we asked Tang Yan on the road of entrepreneurship thinking and rehabilitation, but at the same time we are directly thrown up some sharp questions.

Tang on the rock of an interview is probably at the end of 2014, when the unfamiliar street Nasdaq, his son became the youngest bell "". That is the third years that unfamiliar street is founded, time pushes back 10 months again, unfamiliar street announces the number of the user breaks 100 million. Prior to this, the mobile social heavyweight players, or Big Mac, only WeChat.

There is no need to talk about the difference between the listing of One of the most important requirements of

      * web advertising’s best audience

fortunately, claiming to be "after his own business did not change how" Tang Yan, who still maintained a simple and direct characteristics, he is very sincere to give their own answer. Also based on this, we are "original" content will be arranged as follows, almost a word did not move. Following, Enjoy:

The outbreak of

Tang Yan: to be listed, it is listed with no listing of the difference. If you want to re segmentation, that is, there is no content with content to do the difference.

, in fact, refers to the degree of completion of the business, such as the formulation of business indicators, the completion of the formulation. For each listed company, business expectations and management should be more rigorous. This is actually a lot of people in the company’s management capabilities, have raised a small demand.

and the non-listed company. This difference is quite large. The management of listed companies will be more standardized. From myself to the top management, I need to follow the rules of the listed company to manage the company and ask for a little more.

as for the content and do not make the difference between the content, originally basically unfamiliar street is in "from product level raise >"

1, unfamiliar street has gone through more than 5 years, your development is divided into several stages? What are the characteristics of each stage and each state? Before you say "CEO you three things: money, to find people, find the direction, the



      they are the concept of the Internet is often not their parents or a previous generation network group as real money through the network or just look at the news of the general entertainment is their parents, they use the Internet Internet concept is purely for self entertainment, their consumption is amazing, this we can Brean Murray Carret& Co a China Internet Dynamic Growth report to understand. 05 years, China’s domestic online game revenue of $4.7 billion, online games registered 26 million. Brean, Murray, Carret&, and Co expect the figure to grow at a rate of 4 times over the next 5 years. The majority of these registered population for young people, that is, 80 generations, can be seen how much it can produce network consumption.

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