Three types of shareholders, and trading old letter batch specification PO companies listed not ope

In February 22nd, Mass Phil

February 20th, Putian electronics, Karen building materials are released from the Commission’s IPO declaration feedback.

therefore, regulators worry that these three types of shareholders are part of the trust structure, and there are many behind them

and contract based private equity fund, asset management plan and trust plan in the industrial and commercial registration is not regarded as a civil subject cannot be registered as shareholders, the lack of legal personality, belongs to the principal investment through the name of the trustee.

"three types of shareholders" has been IPO audit deregulation, sprint IPO listing of the new three board, listed company eagerly concerned about this problem.

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, Al Qaeda hub received feedback from IPO application materials. Among them, regulators continue to emphasize: "between the new shareholders and the issuer of the actual controller, Dong Jiangao, the issue of the intermediary institutions and their staff to sign the existence of kinship, relationship, trust holdings, holdings trust or other benefit arrangements."

although the two companies are not new three Board companies, but the Commission on its "trust shareholding" concern has not yet relaxed.

comparison of three new board listed company and listed company directly apply for IPO, in addition to the "three shareholders", the listed company will be required by regulators, the listing period of the corporate governance and financial processing, trading, equity transfer, public disclosure of information and other issues.

February 20th, in the listed company, Putian Electronics 430568.OC, Karen building materials 831517.OC IPO audit feedback, the "entrusted shareholding, trust Holdings" situation, is the first focus of regulatory audits.

the Guangpu electronic feedback in the first part of the "normative" the first problem, which requires its response because the issuer has listed in the stock transfer system and transaction, please indicate whether the issuer exist or have existed more than 200 shareholders of the case, whether there exist any existing shareholders, shareholding trust holding or acting relationship etc.".

mentioned, February 22nd Kaida hub, Mass Phil and other regulators are also asked "trust Holdings" situation.


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the same question also appeared in feedback from Karen building materials.

The feedback

as we all know, IPO enterprises need to pay attention to the "three types of shareholders", that is, asset management plan, contract fund and trust plan. According to the "IPO and listing management measures" provisions of article thirteenth and "IPO and listing on the gem management approach" article fifteenth, the issuer must meet the "clear ownership, controlling shareholders and controlling shareholder, actual controller of shareholders holding shares of the issuer does not exist significant ownership disputes".

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"three kinds of shareholders" solutions

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