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SF is a company that has basically not done any advertising so far. For Wang Wei, the outside world knows very little about it.

why? Because the report said he when DISCUZ truly open and free, he changed his business model, from the previous member fees on profit pattern, into the station group sales package advertising model, that is to say, if the BENZ to do the advertisement, he will talk to BENZ, because he has all 70% Chinese forum users can share all the auto forum will play BENZ advertising. That’s the idea that gave me a new inspiration for CJ, the station group model.

once firmly refused to go public,

returned to Hongkong in 1997, China served as a state-owned enterprise

second, more products, each product with a separate 2 level domain name to complete, each product to do a separate LP page, there are many products I focus on sales, I am directly using WP to do BLOG comments.

first of all, I’d like to thank Mr. CEO of DISCUZ, Mr. Dai Zhikang, for his inspiration for a story. If you don’t know what CJ is, please use sh419 search Commission Junction.


in recent years, private logistics enterprises actively seek listing, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. According to statistics, in 2016, the top ten of the courier company has 5 successful landing capital markets, in addition to through express in the United States stock IPO outside, Shen Tong, tact, rhyme, have been through backdoor listing landing A shares.

after the completion of the transaction, if not to consider supporting the financing factors, Ming Tak Holdings will hold 64.58% shares of Dingtai new material; considering the supporting factors of financing, Ming Tak Holdings will hold 55.04% shares of Dingtai new material, became the controlling shareholder. Wang Wei holds 99.9% stake in Ming Tak Holdings, will become the actual controller of listed companies.

today’s Wang Wei also began to understand that the war between SF and competitors has risen to the capital level. Wang Wei who once expressed his firm determination not to appear on the market, finally chose to yield to the capital".

announcement revealed that Wang Wei was born in 1970, the Department of SF holdings founder and actual controller, currently chairman and general manager of SF holdings.


Wang Wei or summit express richest man

a good, a certain PR value of the domain name. A brand new shlf1314 ADWORDS account. N LP film version. Then, in CJ, I searched for dozens of good products for the first time. Then I got some information about the products and read them carefully, and most of them were the products I used. Then I handed my assistant to write some English comments. What time do you pay attention to here:

previously, Ding Thai new material announced on the evening of January 18th, the company intends to securities referred to by Ding Ding new material changed to SF holdings, the securities code unchanged. The company’s major asset restructuring has been completed, SF Holdings has become a wholly owned subsidiary.

repeat the above action, I have at least 100 more than two domain name station group, to maintain my sales network. Start SEO, because all original content, SEO quite good to do, I helped with some mass BLOG tool, increased countless reverse connection. Finally, ADWORDS is the main auxiliary, I usually save the cost, if a product without competition, or a product optimization well used, but here suggest that when you stand group when a certain number of your ADW price will drop very low. "

by some domestic CEO black hat method, with two domain name to pile up, let me think of an improvement method, but not used for SEO search engine, but to do my product.

according to the prospectus, to February 21st closing price of 41.99 yuan / share calculation, without consideration of matching financing factors, Wang Wei listed company holding a market value of about 113 billion 400 million yuan. More than previously tact, to regain the title of private express industry.

I still chose the following materials:

Ding Tai new material earlier announced that the equivalent part intended to all assets and liabilities with SF SF holding 100% equity holding shareholders holding the replacement transactions intended to set out the assets of the initial price of 800 million yuan, the assets to be placed in the initial price of 43 billion 300 million yuan, the difference in part by the company by way of issue of shares from SF holdings all shareholders to buy.

first, be sure to have original product reviews. Here, I told him directly about what each product focuses on and what my assistant has done. Here I would like to explain, the cheaper products, the more prominent, cheaper, the more expensive products, the more prominent good. For example, when doing CJ THINKPAD products, we are mainly a thing, many people think, we find the Lenovo employee coupon code X300 can buy a cheap hundreds of dollars, because of this, very good sales.

Ma Yun has mentioned more than once, China’s electricity supplier still accounts for only 10% of the country’s overall retail market, the future will still have massive development space. For the express delivery industry, this is obviously a better yet hypothetical.

following the tact, in the pass, Shen Tong backdoor listing after another — SF EXPRESS traced the courier chiefs in February 23rd will be officially listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange bell. So far, Shen Tong, tact, rhyme, SF four courier companies landing A shares, the market value will be more than 300 billion yuan.

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