Later, the fate of the network in the end can survive, go through the grassroots marriage dating


New Year holiday after the working day, I believe many people will be attracted to the subway that Stephen Chow "Shibanyu dubbing Queen" screams: a net! One hundred million XXXX users, most dating websites China Mobile users. I believe that many people will be very surprised, even the names are not heard of the site, how overnight became the first? The so-called grassroots dating in China there is no market? In fact, I think, grassroots dating is just a concept.

is not the main consumer group

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edge network CEO Dong ship, founded in 2007, destined network services to public grassroots groups, including workers, free services, agricultural workers, students, fees in about 100 yuan, mainly concentrated in the two or three line of the city and processing enterprises is concentrated in the Yangtze River, the Pearl River Delta the user area mainly 19-28 years old. At present, registered users have exceeded 130 million, monthly active users at 10 million level.

we compare a set of data, according to the speed transit Institute released the 2013 online dating market analysis report, the age distribution of download dating inside app, 30-35 years old accounted for 43%, 25-30 years old accounted for 32%, is dating the core users, accounting for 75% of the market share, and the main edge network users 19-28, in the 30-35 year old age which does not cover the core. 19-28 user demand for marriage is very low, the main demand is only for dating, marriage demand is not high, as Dong ship said in an interview, they are willing to pay the cost of about 100 yuan, if the price increase day after, is difficult to guarantee this group of users will leave.

traditional dating sites is the main stable income 30-35 year old middle-aged people who have strong ability to pay, can afford one of the exclusive services, value-added services, to pay desire for offline dating methods, physical ability, have the right to speak, the positioning of this difference, will obviously become the development the bottleneck.

success rate of marriage is low,

has the characteristics of this group of users, who are the two or three tier cities, the basic level of income, between 19-28 years old. This group of users is 85 even after 90, 30 years old this Chinese compared to the traditional threshold to marry and settle down, they still have a long distance, the desire to get married is very low, and publicity in the 90 personality, Western DINK culture into the case, the marriage for them, not a fixed point in time for these sites for their role is more friends, know more friends, make your life less boring, so they don’t put money on it is very high, more willing to take a similar QQ recharge way to meet their own investment, work >

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