Site navigation station promotion and navigation station site Raiders

is the first to declare, I write this article is to give the new look, including myself, as a newcomer, I just do what I can to experience to share experiences, and the vast majority of personal webmaster learning together.

one, with ease mentality website

as we all know, everything needs to have a good state of mind, and website is no exception, so the first thing I want to talk about is to make a website with a relaxed attitude. Personal opinion, personal webmaster do the purpose can be divided into two categories, one is with interest website, is a website to make money, to note here is to do not represent the interest can not make money, but the interest is the first, and in order to make money to do, doesn’t mean no interest is purely to make money. In fact, the two can be a good ending, but I think no matter how, the mentality must be put right. Do make money is very important, I am afraid there is no source of income is difficult to maintain any website, this is a very real problem, not secretive; but more importantly, in addition to making money, as a personal webmaster, what can we get from the business, the site of happiness? Or a sense of achievement? Some people to make money and to use unscrupulous divisive tactics. The site into the dumpster, a website, which is not very desirable. As far as I am concerned, I do website, just want to be happy, become part of my entertainment, others are spending money for entertainment, I do site entertainment. For example, Fuzhou site navigation I do, I often think of their own heart the station can bring some convenience to local users, so Why not?? with this mentality, this website I will persist in doing it.

two, about site navigation station positioning

hao123 myth has been unable to replicate, and now the site navigation station has sprung up, then there is no room for site navigation stations and prospects for development, the answer is certainly yes. There is no backward technology in the world, only backward thinking. The way out for site navigation is specialization, localization, and industry. Webmaster friends can put web site content to be small fine, for example, can do the navigation station only included the sports website, can also be done in a certain area of the site navigation station, also can do the service to the webmaster professional web site navigation and so on, so do the site of the professional and the levy on, will attract interest the visitors. Of course, can also be appropriate to retain some of the commonly used navigation station. For example, Fuzhou site navigation I do, in addition to the local collection of Web sites, but also retains the use of more foreign customers.

three, about site navigation station procedures

site navigation site for professionals who can design their own program, if you don’t understand web programming, also never mind, you can find a free open source online from the program, but it should be noted that: must choose to generate static HTML page program, a static page can increase the chance of the search engines and let others be your site name >

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