Solve the problem of Google Adsense ads only show English

previously mentioned in the page to insert the Google Adsense code, advertising will appear in english. Although your application is the choice of the Chinese, but the persistent display Ads by Google, it is very annoying.


is built with a Gblog2.0 in my Blog, I was suspected of being encoding problem, but now I got this MT Blog didn’t, all show the Chinese advertising, now in retrospect, mostly because I have not finished the estimation of Gblog, resulting in the page display too much English, so be English misjudge ", of course will only display the English.

but after consulting with Google, a response today finally can easily solve this problem, an reply as follows:

about English ads, in order to help us better for your web page content
Google ads, please use a slightly modified version of the ad code.
google_language =’zh-CN’;
the line of code in the following characters on a line:
//; please note that this code can only be used for advertising main content for the simplified Chinese ". If you have any questions or questions, please let us know.

the results of my experiment, which proves that this method is OK, immediately became the "Google provided advertising", but the content of the ad did not immediately change.

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