Talking about the success of a host of garbage rubbish

Chongqing Pangu Industrial Development Co. Ltd. this company www.paang****.com/ host estimated that many webmaster have used the space above them once I put a blog site, can say is too much garbage, but one problem is that the company’s Web site should have a ten ranking, which shows as a a host company, in China host market business should still be good, so why is this


we look at the company carefully, there are obvious personal website taste, what phone contact information are not the standard that kind of feeling is not to tell people not to tell others that, indeed, the website is a problem it is very difficult to find their first time.

I noticed in 2005 to the company, the cPanel panel their selling point is used in domestic, this is indeed very little, they say they are the first, perhaps this is true, we all know that the foreign host is mostly under the platform of OS cPanel direadmin panel Plesk panel. But in the country to do less, now I only found the flat-share server offers DirectAdmin. So this is really a big selling point, and although their servers are very garbage, unstable, and often disconnected, they depend on this to survive very well, and they don’t do any advertising.

I am not special. This article to this company, but to ask a question, why the domestic mainstream host to host foreign learning, the current management system MYSQL and the PHP has become the mainstream, most of the webmaster to all Linux server platform space, because the platform MYSQL PHP is the best way to support, but the LINUX platform operation and more complex, so webmaster needs a class DirectAdmin control panel. To tell you the truth, I always wanted to have a good hosting provider with a cPanel panel. Unfortunately, no, I was hurt by a small, irregular company. feeds

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