Group buying websites attract local consumers and businesses tomorrow

in the electricity supplier in the winter under the great public opinion environment, the foundation of a thinner buy site is "bad mouthing" seems to be "politically correct."".

of course, questioned the originator of Groupon loudest group purchase website no venga market success, the market value of shares on the first day of the rally is also very good… And this is the best response to criticism of POND’S’s scam.

Of course, the future of Groupon

, who do not say, but this is only less than two years of time in the world set off the upsurge of group purchase is enough to be included in the history of the Internet; of course, the founders and investors, listed is the best way to cash in and out of the.

Compared to

and Groupon of the scenery, is the domestic group purchase website in the cold rain wind.

handle network listed suspended outside was rumored ten group purchase site may pour half; well, rice net earnings announcement from the, high investment buy user group purchase site than the electricity supplier B2C were also sad —

as the saying goes, the foundation played a little instability, not smooth is a state of extreme nervousness. fengshengheli.

even worse was kicked off after playing 24 volumes, collapse rumors can be heard without end.

Is the winter of

group buying website really arrived?


seems to have come back, looking back on the big news of the site’s website this year, most of the financing, how many branches in the country, and then how much revenue, and then financing… Followed by a variety of negative, buy fake, buy service is not good, buy site donation on foot, buy site traced to material.

is the only good news is that the website for advertising do hot group purchase a vast contribution, a variety of reselling traffic of small sites come alive, the focus is making money again, Jason back hard again.

buy site and their other electricity supplier brothers and sisters, so that Baidu and 360 of the earnings of the more and more good-looking, thank you buy sites, these reselling traffic, nothing innovative sites are growing more moisture.

then, there are friends in the industry sigh with emotion, said some pessimistic words, buy no, the group may be difficult to exist as a separate format, and so on……

Although these arguments are reasonable,

has different opinions. I have always believed that the group purchase is can exist as an independent state, but the domestic group purchase websites were probably should not go to Groupon that the large and complete format, should not go to national distribution route, "big and complete" group purchase website too utilitarian — hundreds of thousands of employees for development, group purchase website founder with these innovation is not really reliable thing, people need to accumulate the advantages of traditional industries, is a pinch.

I’ve always thought that buying websites is the best way to get into local businesses

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