A small website without rain two big vital influence the future


, in five provinces of Southwest China is facing the worst drought in more than 6000 people affected, drinking water, irrigation difficulties, loss of up to 20 billion. Although the party and the government fought against the disaster, people from all parts of the country offered a helping hand. But the human world is merciless, although the drought has been alleviated, but the five provinces in the northwest will still face a huge drought test. And those small and medium-sized websites in the Internet is also facing a big drought, compared to the southwest five provinces "drought" last longer, the survival of small and medium-sized site Internet environment because of the long drought without fertile soil also began to rain, dry, not suitable for the growth of website "". The two gate website is very important to the development of has been strangled.

interests of the chain is cut off, the small website faces no source of income of Mingmen

stationmaster net admin5.com has news to say: "bubble net is involved" Huang is checked, 48 websites of same life collective reflect how to make money. The press and Publication Administration issued a notice of 27 pornographic mobile phone games and Flash games spread on the 48 involved sites were investigated, including pcpop.com, Symbian mobile phone network, mobile phone smart home website for providing pornographic game products in the mobile phone forum, forum and K-Java program download service and press and publication department investigation. The investigation site, including a lot of well-known mobile phone resources download, mobile news, mobile community website. Such sites are easy to attract a large number of mobile phone users, download and install the existence of chargeback traps pornographic games, so as to achieve chargeback from mobile phone users. Like bubble net, mobile phone home, Symbian smartphone network, these have a certain size and reputation of mobile phone sites can not escape being investigated, small and medium-sized mobile phone site is no exception.

network involving yellow has been the biggest cancer that harms the healthy environment of the network". The reason why the site is involved in yellow is still driving interest. SP value-added services, some pornographic games, mobile phones, Trojan viruses, and so on, are mobile phone sites rolling in money, can not help but have websites desperate. From the mobile phone website of the interests of the chain can also see the small website of the interests of the chain is mainly from advertising, advertisers are advertising revenue, jurisprudence, the main source of interest is illegal hacking Trojan website. From the beginning of November 2009, the government has increased the network jurisprudence remediation work, in-depth remediation in Internet and mobile phone media pornographic and vulgar information special action, investigate some discipline website, and introduced a series of domain name, website for the new regulations, to strengthen the small and medium-sized people website information censorship. While strengthening the examination and effectively combating the involvement of websites, it is also difficult to avoid affecting the revenue sources of small and medium-sized websites. The advertising alliance, a series of governance activities of all kinds of mobile phone value-added services to carry out for some small website survival interests of the chain is cut off, plus Google exit Chinese market, the China advertising business how much affected to a certain extent, to let Google alliance based income source of small and medium-sized websites even said of an aged person to worry about their future.

cut off the interests of the chain, so that small and medium networks

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