A beauty webmaster at the beginning of the webmaster

is popular in modern society called for female beauty, known as handsome boys, and I was not beautiful is the former, I also called true beauty, ha ha! You hotties you today more handsome more beautiful? No matter how or enter the theme to give a talk on my first experience webmaster. This is wealth, ha!


in fact, I never thought I would do what stationmaster, but because dear to him, he responsible for the work attitude, work for pay, let me have an infection, I think he can do it, why can’t I improve myself, more closer to me and her distance? So then I can consider to get a forum to organize, to get his support.

My name is

Forum: 3S women Forum (address: http://s.3swz.cn), was launched in June 17th, when I first saw the website forum is very happy, feel like I see hope. But then how can I put this forum to do? How to let people know my forum? What should I do now? These problems are starting to make me a headache, then ask some friends to know the contents of the forum is a trump card, he constantly updated content, to do Links, let go the major search engines to my forum, but also the optimization of SEO….. Wait, I know I was confused that, how I want to update the content, I a person to slowly post? Links how? Where? How to make search engines to my forum? What is SEO? All these questions I don’t know, how should I do only? Continue to consult an expert, and later in a QQ group and I met a very patient with years of friends, he told me a lot of experience, he called me every day to write text, write valuable soft Wen to some large sites, such as Admin5. Digg, he said it would bring a lot of traffic, but also insist on natural search engine will search records of my station, there is to constantly update my forum content, or a word, content is king. I am now working hard every day to write some valuable articles published, must adhere to.

there is to do Links problem, because my forum began, to find the major points of the forum Links is impossible, I called every day to find the other forum Links is impossible for me, because I did not have the time and patience, and short sight to effect. So I did not choose that way, last night that friend told me to ask me to buy friendship links to do, want to come this way can also, small investment quick results, intend to post today, go out to buy some links.

well, I will stop here, remember to do very tired, a lot of things to learn, a lot of things we need to do, but as long as your head open, all the work carried out, it proves that you are already on the road, would not be profitable.

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