Website promotion heavy nuclear bomb collective soft text

recently entered a group on the Internet and was lucky enough to meet some of the webmasters who sell clothes and shoes. So everyone will communicate with each other every day, how to promote. Everyone’s methods are many, there are QQ promotion, there are soft, and blog, and so on. But in the end we agreed that the soft promotion is a good way, a good soft Wen Sheng numerous top post, more than thousands of times more than QQ advertising, with numerous customers earnestly preaching. Why are we not a collective soft, write a good article to everyone. All have not better, and more power, everyone to familiarize themselves with the forum or website, the effect must be very good.

said, the day we webmaster activist (my site), station, station to a theme, "the 09 year review of several" junk "shoes website", seems to be negative theme, is actually their own shortcomings we write the webmaster website. After writing, then in A5 and other major websites and forums and blog release, I did not expect very soon on the A5 home page, address is, we can refer to. The same day, we have almost no rest of the team leader, has been in the hair, at night, Baidu and Google have been included dozens of pages, check out even our site has increased a lot. Did not expect the soft as a heavy bomb group, spread to a wide range, strong lethality, is unmatched! First webmaster cooperation in soft Wen have such a big effect, we are all eager for a fight, excited, hope to have second cooperation.

, but a good collective soft, to have good themes and ideas, must have content, and is worth seeing. And this collective soft text is not sure, too many people can not, in fact, 3, 5 best, and then have a good positioning and ideas, and these stations must have the best relevance. In this way can better and more clever web site interspersed, better play soft text propaganda in invisible effect. We also plan to go out every week some collective soft Wen, or one or two, or 35 groups, in short, looking forward to the next collective soft Wen, looking forward to the next "heavy nuclear bomb" explosion effect.

this article by the university student clothing wholesale network stationmaster provides, reprint please retain the source, thanks the cooperation!


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