What is the prospect of China’s domain name and the advantages and disadvantages of the China domain

      Chinese characters carrying the glorious five thousand years of civilization in China, its distinctive and broad and profound, so many foreigners praise more than. In recent years, with the growth of our country’s economy and the improvement of international status, there has been a wave of learning Chinese and Chinese characters abroad. Now, the Chinese hot popularity also spread to the Internet, has a very important role in the rapid deployment of China domain and entered the global root domain name system for domestic Internet development and promotion of national culture in the global scope of influence. "China" domain name in the future is likely to catch up with the.Com domain name, becoming the world’s largest domain name. But although there are many advantages, but there are many disadvantages, these disadvantages determine the "China" domain name of the practicality, but also determines how many users can attract in the future.

is the number of Internet users in China reached 298 million, the number of so many groups in the cultural network infrastructure services in demand is very high, Chinese want to use Chinese in Internet operation, the domain name is the same. It is under such a large background that CNNIC has started the deployment of "China" domain names. "Chinese." domain name deployment, can make people do not need to use a plug-in can enter the Chinese open URL in any browser address bar, for enterprises, Chinese huge brand value, the enterprise can register Chinese domain name to enhance corporate image and increase enterprise recognition are of great help. With the "China" domain name officially opened, it has come to our side, we should be "China" domain name expectations.

although the "China" domain name has many advantages, it is also expected. But there are also a lot of drawbacks. The stationmaster net admin5.com triumphantly to analyze ". Chinese drawbacks" domain name.

1. The restriction of the character of Chinese characters leads to the fact that the domain name is not practical,

we all know that Chinese characters are hieroglyphics, and they differ greatly from alphabetic letters such as english. The Internet domain name has always been the English alphabet standard, the Chinese domain name does not meet the URL link standards. Therefore, the Chinese domain name on the page can not be used as hyperlinks, which is extremely inconvenient for the Internet users who are accustomed to clicking on hyperlinks and opening web pages.


enter the URL will be a bit strange, Chinese and English mixed together is a bit strange, such as www.. Chinese, stationmaster net and the English Chinese mixed together, not only when the input to switch the input method is not convenient to say, even very pretty. The email address looks more awkward, such as @ triumphantly NetEase, this address is more or less neither fish nor fowl.

it is easy for Chinese people to recognize Chinese domain names, but it is quite difficult to use them in the world. It is impossible for foreigners to go to Chinese classes to popularize Chinese characters. And Chinese characters, Chinese and foreigners will have difficulties, like the usual use of mobile phones, the author’s father will not only call

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