The market positioning and market segmentation of classified information websites are very important

recently, I have done a list of web at the same time, the classification of information sites for some thinking, classification information, website publishing and query information, convenient and fast advantages are self-evident. Along with the rapid development of classified information websites, hidden risks, such as funds, teams, innovations and profits, are hidden. Since there are such and such hidden dangers, how can the classified information websites develop healthily?

from the angle of the life cycle of products, classified information website growth speed, consumers of online classified information demand trend is obvious, the classification of information website has a clear understanding of their competitors and technology, from the characteristics of various aspects of the market can be seen in the growth stage, from a marketing point of view it is still a can enter the market, just enter more difficult. Since there is still access, there must be a way to get in. Facing the present situation of classified information website II, in the capital is not sufficient, the advantage is not obvious, the list of network to enter the market only through good market positioning, find gaps in the market. Blindly imitate the now more successful classification of information websites, the consequences must be waiting to be eliminated.

is different from other classified information websites. Good market positioning and market segmentation are the foundation. In all the classified information website in the Internet to tell their website information and full today, "the authenticity of information" is a cater to users needs and become an independent school, classified information website can be the selling point as the positioning of the site. In all the classified information website users are located in the "netizens" today, "white-collar IT" is a market segment? Of course there are more different market segments, market positioning is more innovative, website planners can play creativity by giving unique positioning website and website, occupy a strong the position in the minds of users.

in addition to market positioning, market segmentation unique, classification information website operations also need constant innovation. For example, can take the "information + online and offline activities" in the form of the network to various virtual information through the line entity activities, not only increases the interest and make web site with higher viscosity. Another example is the combination of "online information + Physical Journal" in the field of authenticity. Of course, classified information website to get survival and development is not only the market positioning, segmentation, operation, including the relative competitive advantage in all aspects of the organization, such as the team execution ability, marketing ability, management ability etc..

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