These six aspects are not good, easy to scare visitors away

The purpose of

‘s website is to attract visitors and retain visitors. A website that wants to win visitors has a certain advantage in appearance, content, loading speed, and so on. The following six factors, is to scare off visitors, the culprit is very detrimental to the user experience of the site, you need to pay more attention to the webmaster.

1, site appearance

sites can have a wide variety of styles, but there is no unreasonable appearance. The irrational appearance here refers mainly to improper color collocation and confusion of plate layout. Together, these two elements are the first impressions of a website, which can often affect the mood of a person visiting a web site. Everyone likes a clean, beautiful and themed website. On the contrary, a strange color collocation plate information 00 odd sites will be hated.

2, access speed

web browsing is not like reading, reading, usually to study hard or edify sentiment, while browsing the web is to obtain the most needed information at the fastest speed. When visitors are most eager to receive information, if you can not open the web page, it will seriously hit visitors browsing desire. Research shows that the average waiting time of web browsers is 3 seconds, and pages that load more than this time are usually turned off directly by visitors.

3, text typesetting,

whether people read or browse the web, people like pictures and text typesetting, and the most objectionable is the large paragraph of text. See page text originally light stimulation is big, easy to make eye fatigue, if there is a straightforward, no sense of the level of the page layout of text, visitors up to more difficult. Therefore, when writing a text, it is necessary to simplify the language, break down the large paragraph into smaller paragraphs, and then match the illustrations to achieve a pleasing effect.

4, site structure

The website structure

a complex and cumbersome to let visitors get lost you. Check your site is too deep, the lack of link level navigation direction and unable to return and so on, all these problems will make visitors when browsing the website like a maze, do not know where you don’t know where to go, this time only to close the page end. Above all, these criticisms are not good for visitors to understand and understand your website well.

5, ad type

today’s visitors’ attitude to advertising has grown from the initial disdain to disgust. Regular static ads can be accepted, and visitors can ignore them. However, full screen pop-up ads, tough screen tracking ads, and stubborn ads that can’t be blocked are intolerable. For the visitors and so on rogue advertising, although the untouchables, but hiding from. The way to avoid these ads is to turn off the page.

6, information quality

information quality >

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